Box Office Breakdown! Vin Diesel Hits #1! Jennifer Aniston Holds On! And Indie Films Soar!

Suddenly Susan is back with another Box Office Breakdown! Woo to the Hoo!

This week we have a new #1! Finally! And it’s a revolving tide of Box Office musical chairs!

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For the second week in a row, I correctly predicted the number one movie. Yay me! The independent films ruled the box office this weekend, with three Indies in the top ten. This was an interesting weekend. Movies that left the top ten list climbed back on, while other films changed their order like a game of musical chairs.

Vin Diesel’s pet project Riddick took the number one spot with $18.6 million, knocking Lee Daniel’s The Butler out of the top spot for the first time in four weeks.

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The Butler took in almost $9 million to add to its impressive $91 million total.
Lionsgate’s foreign dramedy Instructions Not Included soared to the number three spot after just two weeks in release.

The Butler movie poster one sheet rare promo lee daniels

One of the year biggest and most surprising hits this year is We’re the Millers. After five weeks in release, it came in at number four, adding another $7.9 million to its massive $123 million domestic total.

The family film Planes kept to the skies at number five, while the boys from One Direction fell to number six. Guess parents said no to the children who begged for a second viewing.

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Matt Damon sure has staying power with Elysium in at number seven. That’s five weeks in release and it hasn’t been bumped from the top ten. Even luckier is that its foreign gross has been almost double its domestic.

Woody Allen’s comedy Blue Jasmine broke into the top ten two weeks ago after moving to wide release. Then it left the top ten last week and now it’s back in at number eight.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters won’t go down without a fight. The teen action yarn actually moved from last week’s number ten spot up to the number nine slot this week. Go Percy!

Percy Jackson rare logo promo bomb movie poster

The World’s End rounded out the top ten taking in only $2.3 in its third week. This dud will most likely become extinct next week.

Check out the full box office chart below.

1. Riddick $18,673,000 $18,673,000
2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler $8,900,000 $91,901,000
3. Instructions Not Included $8,100,000 $20,312,000
4. We’re the Millers $7,925,000 $123,844,000
5. Planes $4,274,000 $79,279,000
6. One Direction: This is Us $4,100,000 $23,991,000
7. Elysium $3,100,000 $85,077,000
8. Blue Jasmine $2,688,000 $25,449,000
9. Percy Jackson $2,500,000 $59,848,000
10. The World’s End $2,302,000 $21,737,000

Next week I’m predicting Insidious Chapter 2 will take the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right! Until then, happy movie going.

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