Box Office Breakdown! Gran Turismo Race To Number One! Blue Beetle Crashes! Barbie Holds! And More!

Gran Turismo sped into first place, opening at number one with $17.3 million. Barbie played well, holding at number two with $17.1 million. Blue Beetle got bugged, falling to number three. The rest of the chart was a repeat of last week with the exception of newcomer Retribution, which opened at number eight. Haunted Mansion rounded out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Gran Turismo                            $17,300,000                 $17,300,000     Sony Pictures

2          Barbie                                      $17,100,000                 $594,801,000   Warner Bros.

3          Blue Beetle                               $12,765,000                 $46,308,690     Warner Bros.

4          Oppenheimer                           $9,000,000                   $300,024,260   Universal Pictures

5          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   $6,100,000                   $98,143,134     Paramount

6          Meg 2: The Trench                    $5,100,000                   $74,432,805     Warner Bros.

7          Strays                                       $4,650,000                   $16,126,230     Universal Pictures

8          Retribution                               $3,348,530                   $3,348,530       Roadside Attractions

9          The Hill                                     $2,515,000                   $2,515,000       Briarcliff Entertainment

10        Haunted Mansion                     $2,100,000                   $62,256,861     Walt Disney

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