Box Office Breakdown! The Lego Movie Scores! Vampire Academy Fails To Make A Bite! And Monuments Men Is Soft!

Wow – who knew some little pieces of plastic would take down George Clooney? I’m a bit under the weather, so here’s the short and sweet version of the box office breakdown.

The Lego Movie opened at number one with an astounding $69 million.


King Clooney came in at a distant number two, opening with just $22.7 million for the $70 million dollar budgeted World War II drama.

monuments men movie poster

Ride Along got some more laughs at number three with $9.3 million.

ride along movie poster one sheet rare ice cube

Frozen is still warming up the box office with $6.9 million at number four.

frozen movie poster logo rare

That Awkward Moment stumbled to number five with $5.5 million.

Lone Survivor still had a strong pulse at number six with $5.2 million.

Vampire Academy flopped, opening at number seven, with just $4 million.

The Nut Job nabbed another $3.8 million at number eight.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is slipping into obscurity at number nine with $3.6 million.

Jack ryan movie poster promo one sheet hot rare

Rounding out the top ten was Labor Day with $3.2 million.

Check out the full box office chart below:

1 The LEGO Movie $69,110,000 $69,110,000
2 The Monuments Men $22,700,000 $22,700,000
3 Ride Along $9,394,000 $105,167,000
4 Frozen $6,914,000 $368,678,000
5 That Awkward Moment $5,540,000 $16,848,000
6 Lone Survivor $5,293,000 $112,580,000
7 Vampire Academy $4,101,000 $4,101,000
8 The Nut Job $3,809,000 $55,082,000
9 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $3,600,000 $44,469,000
10 Labor Day $3,230,000 $10,172,000

Next week is interesting. Will Kevin Hart pull off another surprise hit, or will the rebooted Robocop or rebooted Endless Love take the top spot? Personally, I’ll be in line to see A Winter’s Tale, but I’ll put my chips on Robocop for the win. Tune in to see if I’m right.

robocop movie poster one sheet rare promo

Until then, happy movie going.

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