Box Office Breakdown! Morbius Takes a Bite Out Of Number One! Lost City Drops! And More!

Morbius took a bite out of the box office, opening at number one with $39 million. The Lost City had a wrong turn and moved down to number two, while The Batman flew down to number three. A few new indie flicks broke in the chart, while Everything Everywhere All at Once rounded out the top ten after a boost from its recent Oscar nominations.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Morbius                       $39,100,000                 $39,100,000                 Columbia Pictures

2          The Lost City                 $14,800,428                 $54,581,000                 Paramount Pictures

3          The Batman                  $10,800,000                 $349,000,421               Warner Bros.

4          Uncharted                    $3,605,000                   $138,912,735               Sony Pictures

5          Jujutsu Kaisen 0            $1,970,000                   $29,693,448                 Crunchyroll

6          RRR                              $1,613,000                   $11,113,000                 n/a

7          Spider-Man: No Way Home       $1,400,000       $802,704,167               Sony Pictures

8          Dog                              $1,318,718                   $60,138,100                 United Artists Releasing

9          X                                  $1,021,828                   $10,393,078                 A24

10        Everything Everywhere All at Once        $1,011,980       $1,759,060       A24

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