Box Office Breakdown! Spider Man Continues To Stick At Number One! Scream Holds! And More!

Not much to report here. This weekend’s chart was an exact repeat of last week for spots one through seven. For some reason Ghostbusters: Afterlife moved up to number eight. Perhaps iy hit the cheapy theaters. Licorice Pizza and West Side Story swapped spots 9 and 10. Let’s hope we get some box office revenue rolling again soon!

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          Spider-Man: No Way Home       $11,003,528     $735,889,808   Sony Pictures

2          Scream                                     $7,225,634       $62,014,414     Paramount Pictures

3          Sing 2                                       $4,665,410       $134,374,270   Universal Pictures

4          Redeeming Love                       $1,769,710       $6,451,475       Universal Pictures

5          The King’s Man                         $1,658,524       $33,948,960     20th Century Studios

6          The 355                                    $1,330,225       $13,019,850     Universal Pictures

7          American Underdog                  $1,161,401       $24,718,829     Lionsgate

8          Ghostbusters: Afterlife              $776,451          $128,065,348   Sony Pictures

9          Licorice Pizza                            $630,117          $11,755,669     United Artists Releasing

10        West Side Story                        $573,469          $35,994,478     20th Century Studios

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