Box Office Breakdown! DC League Of Super-Pets Took A Bite Out Of Number One! Nope Falls! Thor Holds! And More!

DC League of Super-Pets was flying high, opening at number one with $23 million. People said yes to Nope, which dropped slightly to number two. Thor: Love and Thunder made it rain, holding at number three. The rest of the chart repeated last week’s, with the exception of Vengeance, which opening at number ten with just $1.7 million.

Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!

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1          DC League of Super-Pets           $23,000,000                 $23,000,000     Warner Bros.

2          Nope                                        $18,549,575                 $80,583,000     Universal Pictures

3          Thor: Love and Thunder            $13,075,000                 $301,522,269   Walt Disney

4          Minions: The Rise of Gru           $10,880,375                 $320,411,000   Universal Pictures

5          Top Gun: Maverick                    $8,200,300                   $650,104,000   Paramount

6          Where the Crawdads Sing         $7,524,799                   $53,526,000     Sony Pictures

7          Elvis                                         $5,830,000                   $129,000,707   Warner Bros.

8          The Black Phone                       $2,499,755                   $83,119,000     Universal Pictures

9          Jurassic World Dominion           $2,080,155                   $369,493,000   Universal Pictures

10        Vengeance                                $1,750,000                   $1,750,000       Focus Features

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