Suddenly Susan and Awesome Anushika Get Trapped In The Bunker Experience! Only In Los Angeles!

Looking for an activity that’s fun, original, and just a little bit scary? Check out the Bunker Experience in Pasadena. It’s a real time escape game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Shika and I had an amazing encounter trying to escape the maze where we got to test our clue finding, puzzle solving, and survival skills. It takes place indoors and the sets are amazing and detailed.

The Bunker Experience Pasadena CA Suddenly Susan


The actors stay in full character and add so much to the story. You’ll have a blast and really come together with your team. It’s the only way to survive! It runs year round and since Shika and our team didn’t complete our mission (so close but no cigar) we will be taking part in the second chapter of the story soon.

The Bunker Experience Pasadena CA Suddenly Susan

Check out their official site:

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