Manic Mondays! Charles In Charge! Pinky Meets The Cast Including Scott Baio! Nicole Eggert! Josie Davis! And More!

Charles in Charge of my days and my nights.
I want Charles in charge of me…

When you think about it… Those lyrics to the iconic theme song could be taken in a different context these days, I’m just saying, we’re in a 50 Shades of Grey world now.

Regardless, who doesn’t remember Charles in Charge? The sitcom with Scott Baio which started out on network television but then moved to syndication in the late 1980s? So many shows did that back in the day, It’s a Living, Mama’s Family, etc… You just don’t hear about it now!

Pinky has met almost the entire cast, I know… wait… Pause for shocked face…

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here thinking about time. It’s funny, when I started putting together the pictures for today’s column, I didn’t quite realize just how long ago the TV show “Charles in Charge” was on the air.

charles in charge logo

For some reason, I thought it was in the mid ‘90s, but in truth it ran from 1984 until 1990. In fact, it ran for so long that I’d totally forgotten there was a completely different family during the first season.

charles-in-charge-intro-season-4_hqdefault 2

The next year they overhauled the entire cast except for Scott Baio (who played Charles) and Willie Ames (who played Buddy) and then brought in a brand new family. How did I not remember that? And why did I think it was on later than it was?

charles-in-charge-intro-season-4_hqdefault 2

Anyway, I was surprised at a recent event to meet Alexander Polinsky, who played the youngest child, Adam, on the show. Boy, does he look different now! That sweet little kid grew up into a handsome man. Wow.

Alexander Polinsky charles in Charge

Alexander Polinsky now 2014 charles in charge selfie

Previously I’d been lucky enough to meet Josie Davis (who played Sarah), although the picture was a major FAIL and turned out completely blurry. Boo.

Josie davis charles in charge photo

Josie Davis fan photo now 2014

I was also able to get pictures with both Nicole Eggert (who played Jamie)

Nicole Eggert charles in charge photo

Nicole Eggert selfie now 2014 fan photo

and “Charles” himself, Scott Baio.

Scott Baio now 2014 fan photo rare promo

The main one I’m missing (who I’ve loved ever since “Eight is Enough”) is Willie Ames. I watched this show far too much when it was on, so meeting the cast was a real treat. My main problem with thinking about the show is being unable to get the “Charles in Charge” theme song out of my head. “Charles in Charge of my days and my nights. I want Charles in charge of me….” Well, you know the rest.
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