Chuck Our Man In Texas Gets A Choice Meet And Greet with Small Town Girl Kellie Pickler!

Okay I will admit it… I like Kellie Pickler… I’m not a regular viewer of American idol, I’m really not… but for some reason I opted to watch her season… Was that season 4? 3? Who knows… Anyway, I thought she was adorable and really rooted for her. And if anyone didn’t check out her performance of Bohemian Rhapsody well… you should…

Anyway, Chuck our man in Texas, just had a great encounter with Ms. Kellie Pickler at his local radio station! He was even invited in to meet her!

Check out his full recap after the jump!


So my deep, dark, secret is I enjoyed American Idol until Season 7 and then the show got stupid!

I have an American Idol Book that has a lot of signatures in it, and the ever lovely Kellie Pickler was coming to town to do a radio meet and greet.

I decided to go and try to get her signature and here is the story:

The meet and greet was going to be at a restaurant at 1pm, so I got there around 12pm and waited. As the people arrived, I got more nervous because there was no sign of Kellie. The people from the radio station kept asking me, if they could help me, etc…And I kept telling them I was waiting on someone…which I was.

Finally around 1:15pm, one of the girls from the radio station asked me if I wanted to go inside and wait on Kellie. I was like, “Sure!” She gave me a meet and greet pass and I went inside.

Once inside, I got a Diet Coke and some food they were providing and sat down to wait. Kellie finally got there around 1:45pm and came inside. She sat down and sang a 5 song acoustic set, and at the end we were able to get our stuff signed and a photo with her.

Definitely a very nice fan encounter.
chuck our man in texas with small town girl singer and american idol star kellie pickler at a radio station meet and greet

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