Dwayne Johnson or The Rock Makes CB’s Year by Signing his Fast Five Photos and More!

dwayne johnson the rock signed autograph promo photo fast furious 5 rare

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Uh, well no… No, I don’t want to smell what The Rock is cooking, in fact I don’t want to smell anything The Rock has, will have or has had… LOL, CB however… I can’t even do that joke, lol… CB is a HUGE The Rock fan, or is it Dwayne Johnson now? Anyway, The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is out and about promoting Fast Five, and CB was determined to get him to sign some stuff!

Check out his full, and overly enthusiastic report below!

NANANANANANANAN CB, CB, CB! Today I am really, really psyched to go for “THE GREAT ONE”, “THE PEOPLES CHAMPION”, “THE BRAVA BULL”, DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON. TO THE MILLIONS, AND MILLIONS OF FANS CHANTING HIS NAME, ROCKY! ROCK! ROCKY! Yes, I am super excited, and yes, I watched wrestling as a kid, and YES I know it’s scripted. “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OF WRESTLING”. I have been a fan of Dwayne’s work since he went by the name Rocky Maivia, so yes, I’m beyond stoked. The Peoples elbow, the peoples EYEBROW, the Rock Bottom, hell even his song with Wyclef John was great. CB says, “The Rock Says he is going to lay the smacketh down on all your candyasses.” Also on the program is Sammy Hagar, former lead singer of Van Halen and current Cabo Wabo tequila seller. I actually enjoy his work in the group Chicken foot, but Joe Satriani is just great though. I’m armed and ready to lay the smack down of my photos, if you smellllllalalalalalalalalalala what the ROCK IS COOKIN!

5:00: WOW, there are a lot of people. Lots of Fans. I’m really psyched because my main goal is to get a photo with “The Great ONE”. Please don’t layeth the smacketh down on my candy ass Rocky!

5:30: We see security move and it’s Sammy. He calls for him and he waves and goes right inside. RATS

5:35: CB is trying to rest his eyes and is woken up by Chris. Thanks buddy, now my ninja senses are not 100%

6:15: Sammy Hagar comes back out and goes to the parking lot.

Sammy Hagar signed autograph van halen promo lead singer cd hot rare promo cd fan friendly

We chant for him, and guess what, he comes right over. I get him to sign my photo and 4X6s…Really nice guy.

sammy hagar signed autograph fan friendly right now promo cd talk show taping rare painting

He signed someone’s Van Halen 1984 Album, even though he wasn’t the lead singer yet. Making the comment, ” you have the only Sammy Hagar signed 84 album”.

6:35: The electricity is in the air. You can hear the crowd chant his name. ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY they cant. FINALLY, The Brava BULL HAAAAASS COME BACK TO CALIFORNIA! We get the Rocky chant started and he hears us, but he’s late and has to go in. He says he’ll sign on the way out.

7:10: Just got word Petra Nemcova will be here. I have a photo for her, YAY ME!

8:00: The Rock has left the BUILDING! He leaves and goes to the parking lot, and comes back to us. We start the “ROCKY” chant again. He comes over and says, I’m going to start at the end and work my to the front.

dwayne johnson the rock stops to sign autographs after a talk show taping to promote fast five  signed autograph promo get smart wrestler sexy hot rare

The Peoples champ greets his subjects. He signs my photos and I finally get the photo with him I’ve wanted for years. Anushika wants to get a photo with him too, but The Rock misses her. The King of Dorkus (CB Note: Mike would agree) calls for him to come back and take a photo with her and he obliges. He signs and leaves us speechless.

the rock dwayne johnson signed autograph photo hot bald the rundown get smart fast five rare sexy promo poster

8:30: Petra Nemcova leaves and we call her over.

Petra Němcová signed autograph fans dancing with the stars rare czech model hot sexy damn fine

She comes over and signs my photo, and quite a lengthy autograph I must add. She’s really sweet and tells her story about surviving the Tsunami.

Petra Němcová from dancing with the stars signed autograph czech model hot sexy rare damn fine hot promo rare

She takes a photo with me and leaves a minute later. I’m happy.

dwayne johnson the rock signed autograph photo poster rare signed vin diesel rare hot promo

Did I tell you I was jumping off the walls??? I am so so so so so happy. I got everyone I came for today and photos with everyone as well. Great day indeed. Until next time, same CB hour, same CB Channel, same CB BLOG!!! KAAPPPPOOOWWW!

Petra Němcová and sammy haggar van halen dancing with the stars signed autograph rare promo photo poster hot sexy damn fine czech model photoshoot

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