Fanboy News! CA Autograph Law Challenged! Charlie Sheen Forced To Hit The Con Circuit! WWE’s Kevin Owens Disses Autograph Seeking Fan! and More!

It’s Fanboy News!

The CA Autograph Law is being challenged by bookstores who say it’s making it difficult to do business with signed books, Charlie Sheen hits the con circuit to make some cash and Kevin Owens disses a young fan!

Check it out below!

Addison Russell’s Pokemon autograph collection still growing

But now Addison Russell has taken down the autographed Pokemon cards that have gained so much attention since he started his niche collection.”I just put them (away),” the Cubs shortstop said last week.
Pokemon Go Poke Ball Serving Bowl Set Party Bowl

California Autograph Hurdles Raise Alarm at Bookstores

A new California law intended to crack down on fake celebrity autographs has placed unconstitutional restrictions on the sale of signed books, a bookstore owner claims in a federal complaint.Book Passage, a Bay Area bookseller with three outlets, and its owner Bill Petrocelli sued California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday, claiming the state’s onerous requirements for selling signed collectibles make it harder for bookstores to host author events and sell autographed books.

Mets’ Matt Harvey Charges $149 For His Autograph On A Game Day, Seriously

At a baseball card and autograph show held at Hofstra University early last month, more than a 100 avid Mets fans and collectors gladly paid $150 to have Matt Harvey sign his name. Inscriptions such as Harvey’s nickname, The Dark Knight, or “To Nancy,” cost an extra $39.00.

Richard Sherman stashing autograph gear around Seattle

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s always thinking of his fans; whether they be in his hometown of Compton or in the Emerald City.(The offseason program has taken center stage for the Seattle Seahawks . Make sure you’re in the loop as they prepare for 2017. — take five seconds to Sign up for our Free Seahawks newsletter now!)On this occasion, he has a special game for the 12’s in Seattle that could pay of big time, if they’re willing to play.Sherman announced through his social media account that he’s stashed autographed gear around the Seattle area but only he holds the clues on where to find them.

Card company says some Takkarist McKinley autographed cards not authentic

Giants quarterback Eli Manning has spent time recently defending himself against a lawsuit alleging he passed off fraudulent memorabilia to collectors by claiming it was game-used, something Falcons first-round pick Takkarist McKinley and the card company Panini appear to be trying to avoid.

‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’: ‘Broke’ Charlie Sheen Signing Autographs For Paltry $60

Charlie Sheen has lost his luster. Once the highest paid actor on TV, the former Two and a Half Men star has now been reduced to making appearances with other has-beens at the Wizard World fan shows, Radar has learned.
charlie sheen on extra 2015 1

WWE News: Kevin Owens refuses to sign an autograph at a WWE Live Event

At a recent WWE Live event, Kevin Owens was approached by a fan who wanted to meet his wrestling hero and get an autograph of his. Unfortunately for the fan, the moment did not go exactly as he’d imagined it would be. We bring you a video of the same.


A popular Bay Area bookstore chain has filed a lawsuit over the state’s new restrictions on the sales of signed books.

Assembly Bill 1570, which went into effect this year, expanded the state’s autograph law. But booksellers say the bill was written so broadly that they’re worried about how it could affect them.

Getting an autograph from your favorite celebrity is always fun, but Bay Area bookstore Book Passage owner Bill Petrocelli is now concerned about author appearances becoming a thing of the past.

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