Fanboy News! Life Lessons In Autograph Form! Rudy Gobert Pre-Season Autograph Pains! Paul McCartney Autograph Prices! And More!

It’s the autograph news of the week!

Some randomness today, preseason basketball signing, Adele on hating fame, the price of autographs, and even a life lesson told in autograph form!

Check out everything below!

One photo shows just how painful NBA autograph duty can be

Preseason duties aren’t the most glamorous portion of the NBA lifestyle.This Instagram post by Jazz center Rudy Gobert sheds some light on the tedium behind a season’s worth of preparation, more specifically, autographs.

Good morning! Looks like we have some balls to sign before practice today! 🏀 #pause

A photo posted by Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) on

CRAIG BROWN: How Macca’s autograph cost me a fortune

A survey of the priciest autographs in the world has shown a James Dean signature is the most expensive at £18,000. As his name consists of only nine letters, this adds up to a princely £2,000 per letter.Next comes the autograph of the Kung Fu actor Bruce Lee at £11,000, just ahead of Admiral Lord Nelson at £10,500. Among the live and kicking, Fidel Castro tops the charts at £3,750, with Sir Paul McCartney second at £2,500.

Sir Paul McCartney live in concert photo

Family Fortunes: My dad ruined my autograph book but I treasure his message now

In the late 1940s, when I was about 14 years of age, it was the height of fashion among us schoolgirls to own an autograph book. These books were usually about 8in by 5in, with a hard cardboard cover and pages of different colours: pink, blue, green, cream and beige.

autograph book page

Local Boy Scout shares passion for autographs

When Logan Morris’s mother suggested the whole family go to Fairbanks International Airport to greet returning veterans from an Honor Flight last weekend, 12-year-old Logan immediately wanted to go.“Oh my gosh,” he said. “Maybe I should bring my journal.”

boy scout

Signing Up for Signing Autographs for Free

A few years ago at Baltimore Comic-Con, I was sitting at my table, chatting with someone, when a fan rolled up. Literally, rolled up, because he was pulling a flat rolling cart behind him. On the cart sat two long boxes.”All those for me?” I asked, with a smile on my face. And with no smile on his face, he answered, “Yes.”


If Adele hates fame so much, why doesn’t she just clear off?

I like Adele.I like her songs, I like her voice, I like her look and her attitude and just about everything about her apart from her brain.Because the jelly-like substance between her ears which she’s supposed to use to think, using a handy system of neurons and electrical impulses, is misfiring so badly you could only improve it by adding whipped cream, chocolate flakes and a spoon.You see, Adele hates fame. She finds it “frightening” and “toxic”, she thinks it won’t last and it’s meaningless and mad and in all of that she is entirely correct.


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