Fanboy Troubles! Do You Know What Grinds My Gears? Sound Off On Your Fanboy Issues!

grinds my gears

We have a new article at Mike the Fanboy after a spawn of craziness!

Mike and I thought it would be fun to talk about what grinds our gears… This can be about anything and everything in the fanboy hobby…

And please comment, we want to know what grinds YOUR gears!

Are you ready?

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When a grapher hands out a dried out sharpie and that same grapher says “Who did that?”…Just the same as a person who would have dished out a bad fart…

Sharpie silver markers paint pens rare promo new sharpie silver marker rare

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When a grapher screams, “Oh my god! It’s Gunther from friends! Someone hand me an index card! QUICK!”

TV - Friends

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When a random person pushes their way to the front like their life was ending begging for a photo with a celebrity then turns to you and says, “Who was that?”

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… When a grapher walks away with ten cast pieces of Dog With A Blog and feel they have had a successful night…

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… People who get Angelina Jolie to sign a piece of toilet paper.

Angelina Jolie china press conference photo call birthday cake hot     4

DO YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS… One moment you are standing in your spot at a premiere… have an actor rush over to sign for a hot second, and  you are no longer in your spot. All that and realizing it was for Sam Riley…

What grinds your gears? Comment down below! We’ll include the best ones on the next post!

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