Manic Monday! Pinky Goes Back To The Future After Meeting The First Jennifer Ms. Claudia Wells!

That’s the Power of Love!

When I think of Back To The Future, I think of The Power of Love by Huey Lewis. How can you not right? I also think about how amazing the films were, in particular, the original Back to the Future film. I mean, it’s iconic!

Pinky, was able to meet the first Jennifer, Ms. Claudia Wells at the Jackie Coogan Centennial Celebration recently and they even got some fun selfies!

Check out this weeks Manic Monday below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here thinking about the wonder of the ‘80s – specifically the cinematic delight that was the Back to the Future trilogy.

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What a fun movie series! I remember how much I enjoyed them back then and how “futuristic” they seemed to be (no pun intended). What I wasn’t as sure of at the time was that Claudia Wells (who played Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend, Jennifer in the first installment) had been replaced by Elisabeth Shue in the second two films.

michael j fox claudia wells back to the future

I guess I thought she looked different, but I’d never heard of an actress being replaced like that before. It wasn’t until I was older when I realized I didn’t imagine the whole thing.

back to the future delorian

Now, of course, there are plenty of screenshots showing the differences and it’s common knowledge, but at the time it just seemed like she looked a bit different.


Recently, I was able to meet none other than the “first Jennifer,” Claudia Wells, at our Jackie Coogan Centennial celebration. Claudia came by to show her support and was a lot of fun.

claudia wells now 2014 selfie 1

We were able to get a great group shot with some other ‘80s icons and just had a blast. Fun night!

claudia wells now 2014 selfie 1

As you may recall, Keith and I were married on October 26th (which was a date on the flux capacitator) and even had a DeLorean at our wedding as the getaway car.

pinky's keith coogan wedding delorian

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