Jaimie Alexander Thor Sif Individual Posters! Natalie Portman! Idris Elba!

natalie portman thor promo one sheet mini poster rare promo DR. JANE FOSTER thor

Three more Thor rare promo mini posters are out! Jaimie Alexander, Natalie Portman, and Idris Elba. We all know how friendly Natalie Portman is, so it will be fun trying to get her to sign that one! LOL… They all look great, I still have no idea why there is a fascination with putting words on people faces? What’s up with that crack rock?


Take a look at the rest after the jump!

Idris Elba HEIMDALL thor promo individual promo mini poster promo one sheet thor hot rare guardian of worlds

goddess of war thor promo individual promo mini poster rare sif Jaimie Alexander hot sexy rare

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