Throwback Thurs! The Awesomeness Of Jason Momoa! Susan Checks Out Road to Paloma And Meets The Game Of Thrones Star!

It’s Throwback Thurs! 

Susan thought it would be fun to talk about how cool Jason Momoa is to his fans. He’s such a nice guy and this article is a perfect example. Talk about a sweetheart!

Check out the full recap below!


Jason Momoa is officially the nicest person in Hollywood. Not too long ago, Ace and I attended a special screening and panel for The Red Road. Jason was over the top that night and it definitely wasn’t a fluke. At the event, I had a Road to Paloma poster, which is a film written by, directed by, and starring Jason and is the first film from his production company Pride of Gypsies. He was thrilled to see I had it, of course, and told a select few of 4 or 5 people about a screening for the film that would occur on July 11th at the Los Feliz 3 theatre. He told us he would be introducing the film and hoped we would come out and see the film. In fact, after my fifth and final photo with him (you can read all about the fails here), he turned back and said “see you on the 11th”.

So, Ace and I met up and headed to the theatre. I brought no memorabilia, as I was just out to see the film and let Jason know we did in fact, come to support him. Traffic was non-existent and we got a parking meter right in front of the theatre and arrived an hour before show time. Unfortunately, the ticket booth informed us the 7pm show was for a private event. Say what? Apparently, the premiere had to be cancelled and was then moved to this theatre at this time and was invited guests only. Well, technically we were, but….

Jason Momoa the road to paloma q and a fan photo selfie meet and greet hot 1

So we waited around and watched several actors arrive, including Chris Browning and Timothy V. Murphy from Sons of Anarchy.

Jason Momoa the road to paloma q and a fan photo selfie meet and greet hot 1

Then Jason pulled up and immediately started greeting everyone out front. Jason made his way to us, as there was a fan waiting to get some items autographed and while he did so, I told him that we had met him at the Red Road event and that he told us to come out see the film.

Jason Momoa the road to paloma q and a fan photo selfie meet and greet hot 1

He grabbed me in a half bear hug and thanked me for coming out. Then I reminded him we couldn’t get in because we were not on the list. He felt really bad and told us he’d sign anything we had. I told I didn’t have anything. I was just here to see the movie and support him. “How about a photo, do you want to take a photo?” I obliged, I guess you can never have too many photos with Khal Drogo. Then he invited us to come to the after party.

Jason Momoa the road to paloma q and a fan photo selfie meet and greet hot 1

Bars and drinking isn’t my scene, but it was nice of him to tell us about it. We hung around for a bit more, and when almost everyone was inside, out comes Jason, he speaks to the guy in the ticket booth, then comes over to us and tells us some people cancelled and we could come sit in the back where there were extra chairs. Awesome! He even yelled down to Ace who was kindly putting more money in the meter to hurry it up, “it’s starting bro!”

Jason Momoa the road to paloma q and a fan photo selfie meet and greet hot 1

I’d recommend catching this movie on demand, or iTunes, or even in the theatre. I was really impressed. The directing was so good, that had forgotten that Jason directed it while watching. The cinematography was beautiful as was the original score. The performances were fantastic and the story was moving. Not only is he talented, but Jason Momoa gets my vote for the nicest working actor in Hollywood.

On the way back to the car, I noticed two dudes chatting it up on the sidewalk. One was Martin Kove and the other was Billy Zabka. It was a Karate Kid reunion! Perhaps they were teaming up to train for a rematch with Ralph Maccio? That is the randomness that is L.A. which I love. Of course, I just had to ask for a photo and they kindly obliged.

Martin Kove Billy Zabka fan photo selfie now 2014 rare promo hot

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