Mark Wahlberg Runs From A Farmhouse In The New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Poster! Sigh…

What is going on with the summer blockbusters and the horrible movie posters they’re putting out!

Seriously? WTF!

For the latest in the Transformers saga… Sigh… Just typing that made my head hurt. But anyway, look at this poster. The girl is running straight ahead, and Marky Mark is looking at the farm house like it’s going to attack him.


I think the girl needs to tap him on the shoulder and say, “Ummm Mark, the Transformer is up there… In the sky.”

This reminds me of the happening… When Marky Mark starts talking to a fake plant.

And you all know, I love me some Marky Mark, but couldn’t the person doing the photo shop take a second and at least make everything in the correct line of sight?

It makes my head hurt.

Check it out below!


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