Manic Mondays! Pinky Meets The Beastmaster! AKA Marc Singer! V! And More! Cult Classic Goodness!

OMG! This weeks Manic Monday is so late!
Sorry kids! It’s my fault!

I’m so jealous of Pinky on this one! I have loved Marc Singer forever! V!!!! The Beastmaster! Hello! He’s epic! And of course I got an invite to this event and I didn’t even see it until the next day and I was like… Yeah! Let’s go!

Double Doh on me!

Check out this weeks Manic Monday below!
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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here still geeking out over getting to meet my fave superhero from the ‘80s amazing supernatural drama, V.

marc-singer-v (1) press promo photo

While it’s true they tried to bring this show back not too long ago, nothing could ever replace the sheer campy dream that was V back in the ‘80s.


Plus, this latest one didn’t seem to have a clear hero as the old one did – when Marc Singer was clearly the one to root for.

visitors mike donovan

When I saw Marc would be receiving an award along with my new husband, Keith, I was thrilled that we might be able to meet him.


As luck would have it, Marc was seated at our table, so we not only got to meet him, but we got to share laughs with him all night (and, trust me, the show was filled with laughable moments…not all of them intentional….). Marc was a very cool cat. He was incredibly down to earth and was happy to chat or pose with anyone who approached him.

Marc singer rare promo photo hot now 2013

Marc was escorted to the awards show by his lovely daughter and seemed very pleased to be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m not sure what he’s been working on lately, but here’s hoping that his career finds a way to bring him back on top where he belongs.
Marc singer rare promo photo hot now 2013

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