Mike The Fanboy’s Top 10 Tips For A Great Thanksgiving Based On Classic Thanksgiving Television Episodes!

I can’t believe it’s turkey time again! I mean… My Lord! It’s like 2017 has flown by like a lightning bolt! It’s crazy! I really wish I could stop time and just breathe once in a while. But what can you do when you are Fanboying it up right? No rest for the wicked…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Thanksgiving there’s always turkey… 😉

There are a few other things I have learned from classic television episodes that I thought would be great lesson for all of you on this most Thankful of holidays! So, I bring you the top ten tips for Thanksgiving based on classic television!

1. Don’t open an ancient American Indian mission that’s been lost for thousands of years because well… They will rise and give you Syphilis ala Pangs from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

buffy the vampire pangs thanksgiving episode angel rare promo hot sexy sarah michelle gellar

2. Don’t transport your family back to the time of the Pilgrims accidentally! Your husband could be hanged as a witch ala Bewitched!

rare bewitched classic thanksgiving episode samantha elizabeth montgomery

3. If you are going to put on a Thanksgiving pageant make sure your father is there to teach you all a valuable lesson about not killing the indigenous people ala The Brady Bunch!

the brady bunch thanksgiving episode classic television pagent susan olson florence handerson

4. When deciding who to invite over for the big day make sure they are not prone to throwing ones dinner ala Cheers!

cheers thanksgiving episode with shelley long as a pilgrim food fight vera

5. If you do invite people over the house to eat… Don’t serve tofurky! Ala Everybody Loves Raymond!

everybody loves raymond thanksgiving classic episode with patricia heaton ray romano tofurkey

6. On the big day make sure there isn’t a giant nuclear war protest. It’s embarrassing when your parents get arrested ala Family Ties.

family ties classic thanksgiving episode steve and elise keaton in prision jail rare michael j fox

7. Be careful when competition rears its ugly head via football or women… Or for that matter never wear a turkey on your head ala Friends.

friends classic thanksgiving episode joey with a turkey on his head gellar bowl courteney cox

8. As an FYI Thanksgiving is not a time to a. tell your mother you’re a cop, b. come out as a lesbian, or c. find out your father was having an affair ala Roseanne!

roseanne classic television thanksgiving episode roseanne barr rare thanksgiving promo hot

9. For that matter don’t try to jump back in the closet on the big day ala Will and Grace!

will and grace classic thanksgiving episode eric mccormick megan mullaley thanksgiving karen walker

10. And finally… Turkey’s can not fly… ala WKRP In Cincinnati!

WKRP In Cincinnati classic thanksgiving episode turkey drop rare loni anderson rare promo

From everyone here at Mike The Fanboy… The Lovely Erica, The Novel Strumpet, James, Billy Beer, Scotty The Music Man, Pretty in pinky, Ace, Awesome Anushika, Big Mike, Suddenly Susan and all our other contributors have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

We all have a lot to be thankful for!

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