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MTF Rant! Newsflash! Jenny McCarthy! Dolly Parton! Bette Midler! Fran Drescher! Autograph Offenders!

With all the deal of the week craze, I would like to let you know that there are a few celebs that have resorted by secretarial tactics and the use of the autopen.

Now, this serves as a notification for anyone who bought a Jenny McCarthy or Bette Midler Book… They are NOT authentic.

Bette Midler is notable for not being very nice to her fans. For Heavens sake, she said she loved to sign autographs on Jay Leno as she was a “nice” person, but then never signed for her fans when she was performing at a local theatre here.

Regardless, her books from Cole’s are not authentic. They match her secretarial autograph after Mike and I did some research. This doesn’t mean Cole’s at fault, but they are definitely not real…

Better Midler Comparison

As you can see, the In Person autographs are displayed on the left side, while the common secretarial through the mail (TTMs) are displayed on the right.

Sometimes it is just too good to be true… Why do they do it? It’s carelessness…

Fans are NOT Blind… This leads to my next one, Jenny McCarthy…

Autopen Jenny McCarthy

Target and several book sites have released “signed books” by Jenny McCarthy, the host from the view.

Autopen Jenny McCarthy

While they might be “signed,” they are not by McCarthy’s own hand… All these books are worthless due to the subjection of the classic autopen…

Autopen Jenny McCarthy

An Autopen is a mechanical arm that replicates an autograph infinitely, stroke by stroke, by any writing instrument that it is put within its grasps.

Video of Process:  Watch Here

Regardless of what she says, they are NOT REAL!

In the words of Whoopi, “Sorry I’m about to rant. . .”

She is notable for wearing her birthday suit in Playboy…. And just because you can write a book, it doesn’t mean you are an “author.”

Of all people… seriously… seriously?

It’s ridiculously too easy… Your co-host, Whoopi, could do it… Why couldn’t you? Here is a video of Whoopi actually signing autographs for fans… Watch Here:

Unlike McCarthyism, I have actual proof… The books are signed by two autopens… Look for yourself…

Autopen Jenny McCarthy

Did she think fans wouldn’t talk? And anyone that looked at the stack of five books at target would realize they were mere images…

Autopen Jenny McCarthy

Photo Credit: Omar and Ryan of Collecting Autographs Through the Mail

Autopen Jenny McCarthy Autopen Jenny McCarthy


And, yes… Dolly Parton’s are not authentic… I don’t know which expert you are talking to, but I hope they didn’t charge you.

dolly parton fake signed cd



Don’t CHEAT your fans… Fran Drescher, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, and Jenny McCarthy, we find you guilty under the fanboy court of law…

fran dresher fake autograph

It takes seconds to sign one book… It wouldn’t take long to do a couple hundred, or even a thousand…

Dedicate a day for the people who actually bought your worthless product…

Return the Product guys… Spread the word… Tag them… Do your part…

Fanboy out.

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