New 30 Minutes Or Less One Sheet Movie Posters and Trailer Are Out With Jessie Eisenberg and Danny Mcbride!

jessie eisenberg 30 minutes or less rare promo poster social network aziz ansari rare teaser rare zombieland hot
Two new posters for 30 Minutes Or Less are out starring Social Network Academy Award nominee Jessie Eisenberg and Danny McBride. 30 Minutes or Less is directed by Ruben Fleischer the director of Zombieland which explains the Eisenberg connection.

30 minutes or less teaser monkey poster danny mcbride rare promo eastbound and down social network zombieland trailer hot promo
Now, I love me some Zombieland and I’m still holding out hope for the Zombieland sequel. Crossing my fingers is more accurate actually. However, this movie seems to come with a pretty darn good pedigree, so I’m stoked to see it.

Plus the trailer… Pretty damn hilarious! Check it out below!

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