New Poster Round Up! The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster! The Muppets International One Sheet Movie Poster! Christian Bale! Gillian Anderson! Anne Hathaway! Kermit The Frog!

I know I know… People are saying that the new Batman poster… The Dark Knight Rises looks like Inception and all that jazz… personally I think it’s pretty rad! Thanks to Scott for sending it over. It’s a pretty nice teaser… I mean… do they even have to market this one…? Like… people will show up in droves no matter what right? Lol…

The Dark Knight Rises movie poster teaser one sheet poster rare christian bale anne hathaway michael caine hot rare gary oldman promo
Also today the new poster for the Muppets! This is the International version but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It’s great to see all the feltey goodness on the poster. I love Ralph myself and its good he got some love. Albeit a small bit oh love in the corner! Lol…
the muppets movie poster one sheet teaser promo international kermit the frog jason segal rare amy adams emily blunt promo 2011

Also worth a mention for you X-Files fans is the new individual poster for Johnny English 2 with Gillian Anderson holding her pussy… cat… lol… I couldn’t resist that joke! It’s cute and reminds me of Austin Powers… I like seeing Gillian Anders be silly!

Johnny-English 2 rare individual promo one sheet movie Poster Gillian-Anderson x files rare promo pussy

All are aces in my books!

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