New X Men First Class Teaser Posters have arrived with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender!

james McAboy professor x x men first class sexy hot individual mini promo poster rare promo charles xavier

Just like Star Wars, and other “prequel” posters these feature the new “pre” characters with shadows of their “older” counterparts. Still I like the classic look and especially with James McAvoy professor X version. Both create a very cool counterpart to each other. So far, not too shabby! I’m getting more excited about this but I’m still not sold. I thought there was a lot of life left in the original series, and it ended so abruptly with the “Let’s just kill Cyclops for no reason.” So, I’m going to have to get warmed up to this, so far though, not too bad!

Check out Magneto’s poster, i.e. Michael Fassbender’s poster after the jump!

Michael Fassbender x men first class one sheet promo sexy individual promo mini poster rare hot sexy magneto erik lehnsherr

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