Photo Flops! Pinky Is A Girl On Film After Getting A Flop With Duran Duran’s John Taylor!

It’s Photo Flop time!

Pinky loves Duran Duran. I have to tell you, she LOVES Duran Duran! When she heard that the band was doing a rare appearance at the David Lynch concert she headed down in a mad pink flurry.

She was able to meet Mr. John Taylor! And let me tell you, Pinky was Hungry Like A Wolf! Grrrrr..

Check out her Photo Flop below!

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Hello, my lovelies. I was lucky to attend the David Lynch concert the other night and hear music performed by a variety of bands, most notably Duran Duran. After the show, when I was waiting for my beloved band members to leave, I had the chance to get another picture with John Taylor.

John Taylor fan photo flop signing autographs duran duran 1

Now, some of you may recall that John was my unicorn for the LONGEST time. Despite meeting the other band members, I simply could not get a picture with John to save my life. It finally happened in 2013 (hooray!), but I hadn’t seen him since. When he came out last night, I didn’t really expect him to stop. I don’t know why – I guess I still have it in my head that he’s my unicorn. When he said yes, I was stunned! Sadly, our picture was less-than-stellar, but no worries at all. I’ve still got my original picture with him from years ago, plus I was then able to get a really good shot with Nick Rhodes (who, let’s face it, is my all-time favorite band member and therefore the picture that was most crucial from the evening). Blurry photo flop! Sigh.

John Taylor fan photo flop signing autographs duran duran 1

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