Pop Culture Countdown! Barbara Walters Rejection! Dean McDermott Cheats? Duck Dynasty Resolution! Naked Handbags?

How’s that post-holiday haze treatin’ ya? Still in a Christmas coma? Me too. Hard to believe Christmas is now in the rear-view mirror. Now it’s on to the arrival of the New Year…2014, we’re ready for you! The final PCC of 2013 has it all: Alleged infidelity! Political nonsense! Naked paintings on handbags! Read on, roll your eyes, and have a safe and happy New Year!

Bag lady


Kim Kartrashian showed off her Christmas present from fiancé Kanye West: a one-of-a-kind Hermes Birkin bag, featuring hand-painted nudes. What, you thought he’d gift her with slippers or the “Gilmore Girls” box set?


Not sure what’s worse: the bag itself or that she shared it on Instagram with the hashtag “#ChristmasPresentFromYeezy.”

What the quack?


Count me among the apparent 12 people on planet Earth who have never watched one second of “Duck Dynasty.” We all know by now the, um, feelings of one of its stars, Phil Robertson. Well now comes word that an Alabama senator wants a resolution supporting Robertson and his “biblically correct values.” Budget crisis? Pssh, he’ll get to that later. First, this senator must tackle the really pertinent issues and crises facing the hard-working people he represents.

Blame Canada?

Dean McDermott sexy photo hot flex rare

A new report claims Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, cheated on her with a 28-year-old woman while he was in Toronto.

Dean McDermott sexy photo hot flex rare  ToriSpelling_DeanMcDermott

Perhaps the alleged mistress is making this story up, but if you’re going to seek 5 seconds of fame for cheating with a celeb’s spouse, are you really picking Dean McDermott?

Hookup news

Kellan Lutz hot sex photo sex tape rare promo fucking miley cyrus

Kellan Lutz, of “Twilight” fame and the upcoming “Hercules” film, is rumored to be hooking up with the twerk of the year – who also happens to be his good friend’s ex.

Liam Hemsworth hot sexy photo rare promo aussie

That’s right, his buddy is Liam Hemsworth. C’mon man, do you really need to be schooled in the whole “bros before trollops” code?

Sloppy seconds

When Barbara Walters crafted her “10 Most Fascinating People” list for 2013, it originally included

Kristen Stewart,

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" Premiere in Madrid

Jay Z

Jay Z

and Robert Downey, Jr


— but they all declined. That means three celebs who did make the cut were on the B List. Sorry, but I’ll take Britain’s Price George over Kristen Stewart any day of the week

Prince George

and twice on Sunday.

That’s all for this week…have a Happy New Year!

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