Billy Beer’s Barstool! It’s Morphin’ Time!! As Billy Jumps For Joy After Meeting Power Rangers Star Adelaide Kane! Autographs and More!

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s barstool.  Today before we go searching for Jennifer Garner, I decided to hit up The Power Morphicon at the Anaheim Convention Center to go see Adelaide Kane and get a autograph and photo.  Now, I was a little worried about spending what I was about to spend just on her, but I’ve got a Tyler Shields picture I’ve wanted done for a while, so might as well pay and get it signed nicely.
When I get there I pay the $16 for parking and $30 to get in.  OK, this is already getting expensive.  I walk straight to her table trying a avoid as many people in colored onesies as I can.  She’s not there.  I walk around and go back only to find out she went to a panel and won’t be back till 12:00.  The lady at the table said she might grab lunch after that, but she wasn’t sure.  then she has a panel at 1:00.  UGH!
When I go back at 12, she was there, but there was a big line.  So I get in it and wait looking at my telephone knowing she has a panel at 1:00.  At 12:30 when I was 12 people away, they said she had to leave again and she would be back at 2:00.  UGH!!!
The only good thing was she’s not as expensive as I thought she would be.  I thought she might be around $50 for a photo and $50 for a graph.  But her price was $40 for the graph, $30 for the photo and $60 for a combo of both.
I wait until finally it’s 2:00.  When I get down there we get in the number order they gave us before the last time she left.  It didn’t take long for me to get up front.
Her handler seemed to like my photo.  She had never seen it before.  When it got to Adelaide I told her it combined to of my favorite things.  Which she instantly responded “Tyler Shields”!  I asked if she could sign it big since it was a 20″ x 30″ photo, which she did.
Next I got my photo-op and was ready to go.
I’ve heard she’s tough outside.  I’ve been told she’ll respond “Sorry, I’m not working” if you ask her for an autograph.  So I was happy to be able to have this experience with her.  Final totals.
$10 – Photo
$16 – Parking
$30 – To get in
$60 – Photo-op and Autograph
$116 – Total
YIKES!  I normally don’t pay for autographs, so I guess this evens it out a little.  Till next time.
Adelaide Kane
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