Pretty In Pinky Discusses Her Love Of Josh Brolin AKA Brand From The Goonies!

As the poet Ms. Cyndi Lauper once said, “Good enough… for you
Is good enough for me…” And I hear that those Goonies are good enough… Good enough for me… yeah… Yeah… YEAH!

I couldn’t resist a little dramatic reading of Ms. Cyndi Lauper’s 80’s classic, and speaking of classics… we sure have one today! The gorgeous Ms. Pretty In Pinky is going back to the past for her latest installment of Pretty In Pinky! This time it’s about Goonies star Mr. Josh Brolin! Now Academy Award nominee Josh Brolin! However back when Pinky first met Josh he was still a Goonie!

Check out the full article after the jump! And remember… “What’s good enough for you
Is good enough for me… It’s good enough… It’s good enough for me… Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to talk about my next exciting celebrity sighting after my very first encounter with Jason Bateman in 1985.

The year was 1989 and I was at a cheerleading competition in LA with my high school (which was located about three hours north of LA). As I was only a Junior Varsity cheerleader at the time, I wasn’t performing in this competition, but I’d gone to support our Varsity squad. In addition to the performances, the best thing about the competition was the great opportunity for people watching. As I was watching the interesting people walk by, suddenly I saw him…it was Brand from The Goonies! Now, I’ve mentioned before that I was a huge fan of The Goonies (still am to this day) and this was my very first cast member that I’d ever seen in person. For those unfamiliar with the film (and if this is you, please rectify this situation immediately because The Goonies is not to be missed), Brand (played by Josh Brolin) was the older brother to Mikey (played by Sean Astin) who is the little hero of the film. As I had a giant crush on Sean Astin at the time, seeing Josh Brolin felt like I was one step away from Sean.
The goonies rare press promo still with josh brolin sean astin corey feldman muscle shirt mikey brand hot sexy rare 1980s richard donner promo headband
When I spotted Josh in the auditorium, he was walking towards the door. I grabbed my friend Katrina (who’s still one of my best friends today) and together we walked feverishly down the street for about a block until we caught up to Josh at his motorcycle. At some point my cheerleading advisor joined the party, as well, and brought along her fancy camera to document the occasion. Josh couldn’t have been any nicer. He happily posed for pictures on and off his motorcycle, as well as posing with us individually and together.josh brolin brand goonies sexy hot rare fan photo pinky mike the fanboy milk true grit no country for old men hot sexy rare He was amazing. We went back into the auditorium giggling like school girls we were so excited. To this day we still fight about which one of us he liked best, since in our group picture his head is tilted towards her (that little witch!). 🙂
josh brolin brand goonies sexy hot rare fan photo pinky mike the fanboy milk true grit no country for old men hot sexy rare
Over the years I’d heard that maybe Josh wasn’t quite the dream-come-true I’d remembered, but I couldn’t believe it after having such a great experience with him. Last year I finally had my chance to see him again and I’m happy to report that he was just as charming. In fact, when I told him about our long ago encounter, he was completely bemused by the story and even said, “Well, it’s nice to see you again!” Love. Him.
josh brolin brand goonies sexy hot rare fan photo pinky mike the fanboy milk true grit no country for old men hot sexy rare
Your assignment for the next week is to rent The Goonies and watch it immediately. When you’re done, or just for fun, please check out for additional pink fodder. As always, have a pink day!
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