Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Trailer Excitement!!!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! The first official trailer for Pride & Prejudice and Zombies!!!! Guys, if you’ve never read this novel…do so now, it’s the perfect time of year! And who doesn’t want to see the Bennett sisters get all bad*ss?

I can’t contain my excitement! In case you haven’t seen it:

Let’s watch it a few dozen times shall we? I mean aside from the Mr. Darcy swimming scene a la 1994 BBC Colin Firth goodness, there is the Bennett Sister swagger and the Tarantino like music at the end. Mmmmmmm….mash-up yummy.

This is the second of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novels to be translated to feature film (The first was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and while I liked AL:VH it’s really all about Lizzy and company fighting zombies.

The film releases sometime in February 2016.


Think this will fly at my next Austen Ball? 😉

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