Reboot Madness! Are You Ready For A New Predator? How About Wargames?

Remake madness!

You just can’t go home again… I don’t know why there has to be remakes all over the place! For every huge hit like Star Trek there’s a Robocop littering the cinematic universe.

Does that stop studios? Nope!

It looks like Wargames is on the list of films to be remade.

wargames signed autograph mini movie poster john badham dabney coleman signing autographs for fans 2013 wargames 008

The original was released in 1983 and starred Matthew Broderick and Dabney Coleman. The new one is eyeing Ansel Elgort and Tye Sheridan for the male lead. Ansel Elgort? really?

War Games movie poster teaser poster promo one sheet matthew broderick wargames movie poster

And it looks like Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is going to tackle a new installment of Predator. Not Predator 2, not Aliens Vs. Predator, just Predator.

predator cosplay at collectormania in london

Monster Squad director Fred Dekker is going to write the script for FOX. If I’m not mistaken this is the second reboot attempt for Predator.

Are you guys going to check out these reboots?

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