Reporting From London’s The West End! Lady Samantha Can’t Even Glimpse Helen Mirren! Meets Anna Friel! Billie Piper! Ken Stott From The Hobbit! Laura Carmichael From Downton Abbey! And More! Autographs! Photos!

I have to tell you, I want to plan a trip to London’s The West End and check out the scene there! Well… Maybe in the summer months, lol… Lady Samantha just sent in this awesome report from the cold, icy land known as London’s West End.

She had some awesome experiences and that included Ken Stott from The Hobbit, Laura Carmichael from Downton Abbey, Anna Friel, Billie Piper, and tons more!

Check out her full in person recap after the jump!



Lady Samantha reporting from a cold London. Well in this report I am covering the last few IPs that I got over the last 8 weeks.

The first stage door report is from the Vaudeville theatre and “Uncle Vanya”. This production stars Anna Friel, Laura Carmichael (“Downton Abbey” – Lady Edith Crawley), Ken Stott (“Messiah”). I had previously met Ken and Anna before but wanted to get Ken on a  “Hobbit” photo and Anna for Elisa and on a photo for me. My photo that I had with Anna was a fangirl flop with the flash not going off. Anna kindly signed my and Elisa photos.

Anna Friel Signed autograph photo pushing daisies rare land of the lost signing autographs for fansAnna Friel Signed autograph photo pushing daisies rare land of the lost signing autographs for fans

Ken, I had been told, was not leaving by the stage door so I didn’t expect to get him, luckily the night I went for him he did come out and was happy to sign my Hobbit photo.

Ken Stott ("Messiah") signed autograph photo rare promo the hobbit hot sexy promo dwarf

Laura was the next to come out and happily signed my 2 “Downton Abbey” photos for Elisa and I.

Laura Carmichael ("Downton Abbey" - Lady Edith Crawley) signed autograph photo rare promo hot downton abby star signing autographs

That night, as most nights Anna does theatre, the paps outnumbered the collectors. Anna for some reason, is a big draw for the paps wherever she goes.

The next night out was to be my most hated theatre in London, the National Theatre. I hate it because if someone does not want to sign they can leave via one of the many other exits or the underground car park. This trip was for Billie Piper. Star of “Dr Who” and “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl”. Also in another production was Frances De La Tour who starred in “Rising Damp” from the 1970’s and also as Madame Maxime from “Harry Potter”.  Having met Billie before I knew she was nice and would come out to sign. I was armed with a photo Elisa had e mailed over that she liked and a “Secret” photo for me. There were quite a few people waiting and she happily posed for photos and signed for the 30 or so people waiting.

billie piper signed autograph secret diary of a call girl poster promo photo hot

I walked away with both photos signed. Also was also wanting to get John Lithgow who was in ” The Magistrate” that night there. Having waited 3 hrs for him I gave up as he had obviously gone out one of the other exits. I left my 2 photos with the stage door manager and a SAE for returning them by mail. They both came back 2 weeks later unsigned. Now Miss De La Tour is a different kettlle of fish. She has a reputation of being vile to collectors. I really needed her in a theatre book I have called The Face which is features actors and actresses on stage or in their dressing rooms and my mission is to get everyone in it to sign it. Now some I will never get like Frances, Helen Mirren, Daniel Radcliffe. I had the book with me just in case some one appears I need in it. I didn’t expect to see Frances as I never have before when she has appeared there. This time I came face to face with her and knew better than to ask her unlike another collector who obviously had not heard of her reputation. He approached her and asked her to pose for a photo with him, to which she shouted no at him. Not to be perturbed he tried again a couple of mins later and asked for her autograph to which she shouted f**k off. Stupid man 5 mins later goes in again for the kill to which I can see the person with her telling him she is not going to sign or do a photo and to leave her alone!

(Editor’s Note: Holy crap, that’s Natalie Portman esque! M-)

This Friday I went to the Donmar Warehouse to see Daniel Mays who has appeared in numerous films/tv shows – Dr Who, Mrs Biggs, Ashes To Ashes. This was the 1st night of the play so I expected him to be a while coming out as they always sit down and discuss how the 1st night had gone. The play finished at 10pm and I waited till 11.30pm for him to exit. I had met Daniel before and found him quiet but willing to sign and I had previously had a photo with him. This time I had 3 of the same photo from “Mrs Biggs'” all signed previously by Sheridan Smith for myself, Elisa and another friend to get signed and my “Mrs Biggs” dvd cover. I asked Daniel if he minded signing and I apologized for having 4 items. This time he was quite talkative and asked if I had been waiting all this time for him which I had and apologized for keeping me waiting. He signed all 4 items dedicating the 2 photos that Sheridan had. On getting home I realized I needed him on 2 other items from “Made In Dagenham” so need to go back again!

Daniel Mays signed autograph promo phot sheridan smith rare hot sexy star

Saturday my friend was over from the States and was seeing a few shows so we arranged to meet at the Gielgud Theatre where “The Audience” has just started starring Dame Helen Mirren, Robert Hardy and Nathaniel Parker amongst the cast. Helen is playing the Queen on stage so is a popular stage door. I had already heard that she is not signing photos etc.. but signed 1 programme in the afternoon only. This is not a problem as I know if I send in my photos I will get them signed. The problem is I need her in my The Face book. On getting to the theatre we were 2nd row which is not good when you are only small. I wasn’t hopeful of getting my book signed so had bought a programme.  My friend arrived from seeing the play at the Donmar and had her programme having seen the matinee. A man appeared out of the stage door saying Helen would not be signing anything other than programmes, flyers or tickets. Oh well I thought I have a programme so thats better than nothing. Little did we realize that we wouldn’t even get a glimpse of her even as the man told us to write our names on the rear of those and he would take them inside and she would sign them and we would get them back in 10 mins or so! Luckily I had met her twice before at the post Bafta party and once when she was hurrying to the National Theatre.  

I did get Nathaniel to sign my “Stardust” photo in the meantime.

Nathaniel Parker signed autograph stardust program book rare hot sexy photo

10 mins later I got my programme back signed, H Mirren. I am seeing the play in March so will hope to maybe get to see her afterwards but I won’t hold my breath.

After that I nipped over to the Arts theatre where Faye Tozer was starring in a play. Faye is one fifth of the band Steps. I wanted Faye on a photo signed already by Claire and my live dvd. After waiting quite a while Faye came out and happily signed my 2 items and posed for a photo.

Faye Tozer signed autograph steps photo rare promo Faye Tozer signed autograph steps photo rare promo

I asked Faye is Steps would be doing another tour to which she replied like a politician saying not this week. 

Faye Tozer signing autographs for fans rare fan photo signed autograph steps photo rare promo

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