Scotty Brings Us His 4th of July Summer Playlist Sure To Get Your Booty Shaking! Lana Del Rey! Madonna! Lou Reed! And More!

I know a lot of you are out there at he beach, chilling, hanging with friends and so on… It’s the 4th of July and you should have fun! To aid in the fun Scotty our resident music man has put together a great holiday mix sure to get your booty shaking!

So check out Scotty’s 4th of July mix after the jump!


4th of July Mix!

Here is a list of songs for your 4th of July festivities. Please remember to support the great gift of music by purchasing (in store, iTunes, Amazon) these songs if you like them.

1) Fourth of July – Kelis

Kelis brought her “Milkshake” to the yard in 2003, but served up another hot track in
the summer of 2010. This song is one major house hit. I feel the song is apropos for the

kelis 4th of july rare promo cd single artwork cover rare promo milkshake hot sexy singer

2) Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns
This electro rock track is a treat for the ears. This song will make you want to move!
Carah Fay Charnow’s vocals are intense, and will make you want to ear more from this

shiny-toy-guns-le-disko Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns  rare promo cd single cover artwork rare promo

3) American Pie – Madonna
Ok, so I know this is not the original classic track by Don McLean, but Madonna gives
her take on the song and succeeds with a hit. Check out the Victor Calderone Radio
Mix, which is my favorite version.

American Pie - Madonna  rare promo cd single cover artwork rare hot sexy pop singer

4) Summertime Summertime – Nocera

Nocera was part of what is considered the Latin Freestyle movement in the 1980’s.
Other artists in this movement were the Cover Girls, Expose, and Debbie Deb. This
song was originally released in 1986, and has since always reminded me of “Summer

Summertime Summertime - Nocera  rare promo cd single cover artwork rare pormo artwork

5) Perfect day – Lou Reed

I will never forget hearing this song for the first time. Unfortunately, I had never been
exposed to Lou Reed until my freshman year of college. This song resonated with me
and always plays in my head on those special days in my life.

lou_reed_-_perfect_day Perfect day - Lou Reed rare promo cd single over artwork rare promo

6) Where Have You Been – Rihanna

The latest single from Rihanna is HOT! I have been grooving to this single since I first
heard it on the album when I bought it. Rihanna has been producing some hot tracks.
Keep ‘em coming Rihanna!

Rihanna-Where-Have-You-Been-Johnny-Tremz-Remix Where Have You Been – Rihanna cd single cover artwork rare promo hot

Songs With Red, White, Blue in the title:

7) Red Lips – Sky Ferreira

This great song accompanied with the cool Terry Richardson video, makes it a choice
for me for this play list. Check out the song and video below.

Red Lips – Sky Ferreira rare promo cd single cover artwork hot sexy rare promo

8) White Horse – Jessica 6

This smooth nu-disco track will have people moving at your gathering. Nomi Ruiz’s
vocals are top! This track from the Brooklyn-based trio will have you longing for

White Horse – Jessica 6 rare promo cd single cover artwork rare promo hot sexy cd cover

9) Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey

I know many people have both strongly liked or disliked Lana’s debut album. I am one
one of the many fans who have come to appreciate Lana’s style of delivering songs.
The song is full of great lyrics and a nostalgic sound.

lana_pack_shot_small Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey video games rare promo cd single cover artwork rare promo hot sexy

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