Solitaire: The Ancient Card Game That Still Prevails


If you are a 90s kid, you surely have played classic Solitaire that came by default on Windows PCs. In fact, becoming an in-built computer game is what triggered Solitaires’ immense popularity around the world. Nowadays, not many teenagers can experience the joy it brings because they have so many other games to play by connecting with their friends online even when stuck in the solitude of their rooms.

Has this taken a toll on Play Free Spider Solitaire Card Games Online  fame? It’s obvious that, just like most old things, Solitaire too has lost a bit of its initial demand. However, much to our surprise, Solitaire has managed to prevail in the 21st century too! And in this post, we’ll be discussing why.

It’s Where the Nostalgia Lies

Solitaire, along with other games like Minesweeper, is one of the most nostalgic computer games. For this reason, even now, 90s kids play Solitaire once in a while in reminiscence of their childhood. It is still an entertaining way to kill some time and challenge yourself.

It’s a Single-Player Game

Most variations of Solitaire are single-player games. It makes them the perfect activity to do whenever you are alone with too much time at your expense. And considering the pandemic situation these days, such games have started getting more attention.

Does Not Ask for Agility

A lot of PC and mobile games available nowadays like PUBG, Play Solitaire Masters , Fortnite, etc, require the player to be super agile and sharp. This makes them not so suitable for the elder community and kids who prefer slow-paced games to play. Unlike those options, Solitaire is more of a take-your-own-time kind of mind games, which makes it the ideal pastime for elders to have.

Find Them on Mobile Apps

Yes! Solitaire has come a long way through the years and gone through many developments that have made it a much more fun and appealing game to play. Now, it is available on your smartphone as well. There are so many apps that include different variants of the Solitaire card games for you to download. One such app that is steadily rising in popularity is Solitaire Masters. You can get your hands on it through both Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore. It comes with tournaments, prizes, mini-games, and other exciting features that will keep you on your toes.

Play with Friends

Thanks to the new apps available, you can play Solitaire online and connect with your friends from anywhere around the globe for 1 on 1 sessions. Moreover, there is an opportunity to play with people from all over the world too. So, quarantine can’t make you feel alone anymore!

Freely Available

As mentioned previously, Solitaire games come by default on PCs with the Windows OS which makes it as free as it can get. In addition to that, many of the apps, including Solitaire Masters, come with no cost at all. Therefore, you can play free Solitaire whenever you please!


Solitaire is a pretty old game that has been around even before its introduction in the Windows OS. But thanks to many contributing factors like its adaption to smartphones, the nostalgia it carries, and more, it is still loved by people of all ages and races all over the world. Choose the app that suits you most and try your luck!

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