Super Short Sunday! Scotty Becomes a Nocturnal Animal After Meeting Tom Ford! Part Deux! Autographs! And More!

Scotty is a huge fan of the film A Single Man and also it’s director Tom Ford. He’s been trying to meet him for ages and this Awards Season he’s been lucky enough to meet him a couple times. To say he’s been on Cloud 9 is an understatement. 

Check out this weeks Super Short Sunday below!


Super Short Sundays – Tom Ford Edition Part 2

November 27, 2016

By: Scott


This past week Tom Ford was in town doing a few Q & A’s for “Nocturnal Animals.” I was not going to miss the chance to meet him again. I really like his work. I had a chance to see his new film, and like “A Single Man,” this film was a piece of art. It was visually enticing, yet the subject matter was difficult to watch. Like any good work of art, it provoked many emotions. The performances were top rate from Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I liked the film, and I think it will capture many accolades during the awards season. Tom Ford is a great director. Having the chance to meet him again, I found he was still incredibly fan friendly. He is a major heavy hitter in fashion and film, and still took the time to meet with fans. Thank you Tom for making this fan’s night!


tom-ford-meeting-fans-signing-autographs-hot-sexy-photo-shoot-1 Tom Ford signed Autograph Vanity Fair Magazine PSA Tom Ford signed Autograph a single man poster PSA Tom Ford signed Autograph a single man poster PSA

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