Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Cosplay! The Addams Family! The Walking Dead! Game Of Thrones! Stranger Things! And More!

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con was this weekend, and the con, formerly known as Comikaze had some awesome cosplay!

We’ll have a few recaps from the con coming up, but I thought I would share some of cosplay from the second day of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con!

Check out the pics below!



comikaze-2016-cosplay-12 comikaze-2016-cosplay-15 comikaze-2016-cosplay-16 comikaze-2016-cosplay-17 comikaze-2016-cosplay-18 comikaze-2016-cosplay-20 comikaze-2016-cosplay-22 comikaze-2016-cosplay-47

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