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The Novel Strumpet does Comic Con 2014! Starz’s Outlander, Cosplay, Books, Panels and More!

So this is my version of “Throwback Thursday” since it was two weeks ago that another San Diego Comic Con came and went.  As I settle back into real life again (*sniff, sniff*) I want to keep the warm fuzziness that is Comic Con aflame.  So here

The Novel Strumpet Is In Heaven At The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books! Day 1 Report! Deborah Harkness! Anne Perry! Lauren Kate!

I’m so jealous of The Novel Strumpet! I really wanted to head down to the Festival of Books this year but couldn’t! First it conflicted with the Hollywood Collector’s show and Sunday I had already made plans! Doh! The Novel Strumpet of course was there! Where there