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TV Heartbeat! Outlander Premieres! Sean Bean Won’t Die! Marky Mark, Walter White and Clive Owen on TV!

Outlander! Outlander!! Outlander!!! Yep, Outlander FINALLY and officially debuts on Starz this Saturday! The epic, romantic, historic, action-filled, gorgeous show tells the story of Claire Randall who accidentally travels back 200 years in time to the clan conflicts of the Scottish Highlands. Brought to you from Ron

The Movie Maven Is Ready To Cut Footloose! Hates The Shirtless Naked Men In Immortals! and Says Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill Isn’t Half Bad… I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little…

Oh, the Movie Maven strikes again! This week our resident Maven talks about new releases from Redbox, Netflix and Amazon including Jack and Jill… Sigh… Footloose, the naked male sword and sandals epic Immortals and more! Jack and Jill really? Couldn’t they have just burned the negatives