The 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards! Billy Recaps The Day! Snubs! Surprises! Security Being Jerks! Signing Autographs! And More!

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Today we are off to the Independent Spirit Awards. I could go on and on about the set-up. The fact it seemed as though security did everything in their power to make what has always been a fan friendly event, into a lockdown F-You to the fans and photographers. Long story short, they cleared out the area across the drop zone so any celebrity would have to walk a ways instead of the normal 2 lanes of arriving limos.

Plus one of the lanes included tour busses that went through blocking our view half the time. As we continued to get ignored or briefly waved at by most of the celebrities, the Spirit Award guys were trying to get us to cheer whenever they walked by with their cameras. It got to the point where people were telling the guy if he got people over here we would cheer and actually be happy. Instead our frustration kept building with each person who dropped. I understand safety and everything, but this event takes pride in being fan friendly. They pretty much blocked the view of the celebrities the whole time so there was basically nothing to look at. I’ve heard a number of fans will not return after what went down this year (I’ll believe it when I see it). Luckily, some of the people that did come over were on the top of my list. So it wasn’t all bad, but it could have been a lot better.

Independant spirit awards 2016 set up

Instead of doing a timeline thing, I’ll just go down the list of attendees and tell you how it went. Enjoy

Jessica Biel- Didn’t see her going in, and was one of the first people to leave and barely waved.

Jessica Chastain- I know a lot of people have fallen in love with Alicia Vikander this year, including yours truly. But Jessica reminded us all that she is still Queen Bee when it comes to pleasing her fans. She went down the whole line signing 1 or 2 for almost everybody and took pictures too. I think she went all the way to the ocean and signed for a couple of fish before she made her way back to the drop-off area. Fans were clapping and cheering her name as she walked past.

jessica chastain signing autographs Independant spirit awards 2016 set up

jessica chastain signing autographs Independant spirit awards 2016 set up

jessica chastain signed autograph photo psa

jessica chastain signed autograph photo psa

Brie Larson-Actually got boo’d. She had treated her fans like crap all awards season. and I’m a huge fan of hers. So sad!

Cate Blanchett- Just a wave on the way in, and totally ignored us on the way out. Obviously all the voting for the year was finished, back to old Cate

Rachel McAdams- See Cate Blanchett

Nikki Reed- for some reason her and Ian were there, but didn’t have time to do anything (cause they were needed for what?)

Emilia Clarke- Here was the biggest surprise of them all. I really think we have to thank the Spirit Awards people for this. They convinced her to go to the crowd and sign for their publicity shots. She wore a smile the whole time, and I was lucky enough to get 2. Then on her way back, she actually stopped again and took a photo with me. Probably my biggest highlight. She’s been tough the last couple of years.

Emilia Clarke signed autogarph photo Independant spirit awards 20168

Emilia Clarke signed autogarph photo Independant spirit awards 20168

Emilia Clarke signing autographs  Independant spirit awards 20168

Rooney Mara- Didn’t give us the time of day. Heard she rolled down for people chasing her car.

Juno Temple- Another one I was hoping to get. She rushed in, but on the way out she took care of her fans Big Time, signing and taking pictures with anyone that wanted one. I was able to get 3 and a really cute picture, Love this girl!

Juno temple signed autograph photo psa

Juno temple signed autograph photo psa

Juno temple signed autograph photo psa

Juno temple signed autograph photo psa Independant spirit awards 201610

Marisa Tomei- LOL!

Freida Pinto- Waved on the way in, and hid on the way out.

Michael Keaton- Ignored anyone that dared to say his name out loud.

Mark Rufalo- Actually didn’t sign. Probably one of the biggest surprises of the day. None of the “Spotlight” people signed.

Paul Dano- Dano did a lot of standing around, but never made his way over.

Stana Katic- Her fans were there in full force as always, not sure if she signed anything, cause I didn’t follow her. Juno came over at the same time. But I know she took a group picture with her fans, which made them happy.

Ian Somerhalder- See Nikki Reed

Jennifer Jason Leigh- Ignored fans in and out

Kate McKinnon- I left while she was still waiting for her ride, but ignored fans for a good 10 minutes.

Lauren Cohan- Walked right on past everyone

Rami Malek- Came over and would only take pictures. He got a little annoyed at a guy cause the guy was being a smart ass. I guess I would too.

Cynthia Nixon- First one to finally come over thanks to Scotty’s yelling. She almost got hit by a bus twice. she was very nice, some over zealous dealer fucked up my photo-op.

Mark Duplass- nobody really called for him

Katie Aselton- See Mark Duplass

Idris Elba- Didn’t do it on the way in, but when you win, I guess it puts you in a better mood. He was nice signing. Tried to avoid Thor stuff, be did sign some. Seemed to be in a very good mood. I got 1 photo signed.

Idris Elba signed autograph photo Independant spirit awards 20166

Zoe Kazan- See Paul Dano

Liev Schreiber- Almost looked like he would do it on the way out, but instead jumped in his SUV

J.K. Simmons- First person to sign on the way out, and pretty much signed till everyone ran out of pictures. Then he took pictures with everyone. Class Act!

JK Simmons fan photo rare Independant spirit awards 20162

JK Simmons signed autograph baseball photo

Anthony Mackie- Takes pride in being a dick. This wasn’t Wizard World, so he wasn’t signing

Jacob Tremblay- Too cute to get mad at, but didn’t sign

Jason Segel- he came over and signed one each. He got my HIMYM photo. People were asking for photos, but he said to take them while he’s going down the line. Kinda funny.

jason segel signing autographs Independant spirit awards 201618

Jason Segel signed autograph photo slap himym

Patricia Arquette- buses hid her arrival, but she hid while waiting to leave. Kinda surprising, but she’s been nice all year. I’ll give her a pass.

Ben Mendelsohn- Lots of people calling for him, but nothing.

Michael Shannon- Never saw him

Katie Holmes- didn’t even know she was going to be there. Ignored everyone on the way in, and snuck out.

Luke Wilson- Actually had the break the fence to come over and sign and take pictures. Probably spent the second most amount of time with the fans. Got a photo-op.

luke wilson fan photo rare Independant spirit awards 201619

That’s about it, 11 autographs and 6 photo-ops. Again, not the best Spirit Awards, but I did get some names I really wanted.

Until Next time!

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