The Best Holiday Destinations for Meeting Celebrities!

Whether celebs are looking to be in the spotlight or trying to avoid the cameras, there are some holiday destinations that are always popular with the stars. Celebrity spotting is a favourite hobby for many travellers, and with the world starting to finally reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic and travel soon to be back on the cards, you might be planning a trip where you can have fun, relax, and potentially even meet some of your favourite A-listers.

Mallorca, Spain

Recently added to the green list in the UK, if you want to book a holiday and start celeb spotting as soon as possible, Mallorca in Spain is an excellent choice. It is one of the classiest celebrity vacation spots in Europe and with travel limited right now, this summer could be an ideal chance to spot some of your favourite celebs enjoying soaking up the sun, not to mention that it’s the home of the Love Island villa. Be sure to keep your smartphone safe while you’re travelling so you can easily ask for and snap that selfie.

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Lake Como, Italy

A firm favourite of George Clooney, who has a villa here with over a dozen rooms where he gets away with friends and family, Lake Como isn’t just a gorgeous bucket-list destination to plan to visit once you can, but also a great place to spot A-listers. Because it pays so much attention to privacy, it’s easy to see why this stunning destination is such a big hit among big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bette Midler too.

Mykonos, Greece

With Greece set to be added to the green list for travel in the UK very soon, it might be worth booking your trip to Mykonos to get some sunshine, sand and sea while keeping your eye out for your favourite celebs. Greece has always been a hotspot destination for celebrities who want to take a break and escape the hustle and bustle of their busy lives for a while, and Mykonos is a perfect, peaceful destination with gorgeous cuisine and amazing views to soak up. It’s so beautiful that some celebrities including Tom Hanks own houses here.

Miami, Florida

South Beach in Miami is often a firm favourite holiday destination for young people, and it’s also a top choice with celebrities. Actors, singers, and sportspeople have been spotted sunbathing on the shores of Miami and the area is home to some of the most famous celebrity nightlife spots including The Rose Bar, Mansion, and Skybar. You can even take a guided tour to see some of the amazing celebrity homes located along the beach.


Bora Bora

One of the most popular destinations for celebs around the world, Bora Bora is truly a dream holiday, with unforgettable views, lush green mountains, bright blue water and those overwater bungalows that you’ve probably double-tapped on Instagram a hundred times. It’s a top spot for celeb couples who want some privacy, and has been visited by many big names including Kristin Bell and Orlando Bloom.

Which celebrity hotspot do you want to visit first?

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