The Differences Between Casinos In The Film To Online Casinos

Casinos have remained a popular entertainment option, allowing players to relax, unwind and have fun. Because of how popular they are, and the thrill and mystery that surround them, casinos have been featured in numerous films and TV shows. However, the depiction of casinos in these mediums is typically very different from the experience you would get if you played at an online casino. In this article, we will be looking at, and comparing, the differences between the two.

Security and Safety

A major difference between the physical casinos that you see in movies and online casinos is how they handle security. With physical casinos, security is often physical where if you do something wrong, someone is sent to come and get you and throw you out. This also applies to casinos that are not in the movies. Physical casinos use cameras to detect whether players are cheating and to target certain players who seem like they would be interested in certain games.

With online casinos, security is taken very seriously. First, these casinos ensure their websites, apps and servers are protected from breaches. They do this because players hand over their personal and financial information to a casino when opening an account and before playing.

With a physical casino, you just hand in your cash or credit card, and you are given chips that correspond to the amount you’ve deposited. With online casinos, you deposit cash using a payment method and leave your details with the casino in case you want to deposit again or make a withdrawal. This data can be very valuable to malicious actors.

Number of Games

The other major difference is the number of games in each type of casino. The land-based casinos you see in movies often have a limited number of games, many of which are table games. These include roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. You will also see various slot games, all of which are played on traditional slot machines.

With online casinos, you get a wide range of games, many of which are not available in physical casinos. For example, you might be able to play a game like Monopoly Live with players from all over the world, but such a game would not be feasible in a physical casino. You also get to play novel online slots like Fortune Mouse as well as slot games based on various movies and TV shows you might recognize.

The other difference is that a physical casino would need a lot of space for all the tables and different games they make available to their players. Space is quite expensive, not to mention the additional accommodations they would have to make for their players’ comfort.

Online casinos do not have these limitations because everything is online. This is why casinos like Play Live Casino can have as many games as they like, with games like Monopoly Live being played by players all over the world. Play Live Casinos is one of South Africa’s premier casinos offering a range of games including Fortune Mouse and all the entertainment and thrill you crave from a casino. It works with over 20 game providers to ensure you have numerous games to enjoy, all while remaining safe and secure.


Physical casinos like you see in the movies often have very few incentives for their players. They usually want you to get in, play a few games, enjoy your time, and then leave the seat for someone else. Many of their incentives are reserved for known high rollers who spend a lot of time and money on games like poker.

Online casinos offer bonuses and have promotions regularly. They do this to primarily attract new players and to keep regular players coming back because the online casino world is very competitive. They can also do this because they have less overhead. Except for paying live dealers, online casinos only have to deal with maintaining their website and servers as well as complying with local and international laws.

Physical casinos have to contend with paying all their staff, keeping the lights on and paying for the casino’s upkeep. All of these expenses do not leave much room to offer lots of bonuses to players.

The Experience

It can be argued that playing at a casino like those you see in the movies is a much better experience than playing at an online casino. With an online casino, you won’t interact with anyone unless you play a live dealer game where you can chat with the dealer.

With a physical casino, you can socialise with players all around you as long as you are not playing a game and the rules allow it. You also get to experience the excitement that comes with playing beside or across from someone, the euphoria that comes with being in a casino, exciting lights, music and complementary entertainment.

If you do not like socialising and like playing in privacy, an online casino is the best option for you. Otherwise, you will get a better experience playing at a traditional casino like in the movies.

You Have to Be a Better Player at a Physical Casino

There are numerous examples in film and TV shows where a player loses a hand because they give their plays away. Reading body language is a real skill that elite players cultivate over the years. It is arguably as important as strategy and can be a strategy in itself. This means that if you want to play casino games like in the movies, you need to be a better player. You have to learn how to control your emotions, expressions and moves. Other players will pick up everything you display and use it against you.

Since there is no one there to “read” you like this when playing online games, you don’t have to worry about controlling yourself. You can show any emotions or signs of worry without having to think about someone taking advantage of this.

There are stark differences between the casinos you see in movies and online casinos. The games and experience are different and each caters to a different type of player.

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