Renewals And Cancellations! RIP I Wanna Marry Harry And Riot! Shockingly No One Wanted To Watch These Reality Classics!

Apparently, no one wanted to marry Harry!

FOX has officially shelved shelved it’s reality series “I Wanna Marry Harry” and “Riot.” I Wanna Marry Harry was a dating show where contestants competed to marry Prince Harry….But in this case a Prince Harry look a like.

I wanna Marry Harry cast photo key art

As crazy as it sounds, no one wanted to see that? Wait… WHAT! Shocking!

I wanna Marry Harry cast photo key art

Also pulled from the FOX schedule is Riot. That’s another reality series, which was sort of a reality/variety show except it was done on a stage that was tiled to a 22-degree angle.

Again, can you believe that no one wanted to see either of these? I mean… Why not! They sound amazing!


If you really do wanna Marry Harry the check out

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