The Movie Maven Gets A Contact High From Harold and Kumar and Says She Wants To Cuddle Up To Chris Evans With a Cheap Glass Of Wine As She Reviews The Top New Releases on Amazon, Netflix and Redbox!

The Movie Maven is back with a slew of new releases… Now, I know that this is a tad cough… cough… Late, but our Maven had things to do and missed her deadline… God bless her… We can forgive her right guys? Next time there will be a public flogging but you know other than that we here at MTF are a flexible bunch.

Anyway, check out the Mavens recaps of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Anonymous, and What’s Your Number! After the jump!


A bunch of new movies to watch this weekend and I am excited to share my reviews with you and my little rant about what I think about the Twilight series.  Let me know what you guys think and if you have seen any of these movies let me know what you tell me what you thought of them!
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twilight_saga_breaking_dawn_part_one_ver3 taylor lautner individual promo mini poster promo muscle bicep promo poster

Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Ughh… I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and the thing I love about the Harry Potter movies is that they spare no expense making every movie incredibly amazing and just as good as the books.  I have read the Twilight books and thought they were good so naturally I was excited about these movies. However I think they went in the total opposite direction as the Harry Potter movies, the cast is awful, Kristen Stuart and Taylor Lautner I have to say are terrible actors and the special effects look ridiculous.  Breaking Dawn Part 1 consists of a very long and stupid voice over for a conversation between the wolves.  Any fan of the books is kind of obligated to see these movies though, right?

anonymous rare promo one sheet movie poster promo poster shakespeare rare fraud

Anonymous – This was a good movie but be sure you have the patience to sit down and really pay attention.  In the first 20-30 minutes a lot of characters and storylines are introduced and you can be quickly lost for the rest of the movie if you aren’t actively watching.
very_harold_and_kumar_christmas_ver4 neil patrick harris rare promo individual promo poster big stick rare hot sexy

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – This movie is of course as ridiculous as all the others.  It contains cheesy 3-D things that jump out at you which is pretty pointless if you are watching it as I did in 2-D
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whats_your_number_ver2 rare anna farris and chris evans hot sexy promo one sheet movie poster promo sexy hot rare

What’s Your Number – Predictable but cute movie starring Anna Farris and Chris Evans.  It kind of has the How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days feel.  I think this is the perfect movie to watch cuddled up with a cheap glass of wine.

killer_elite rare promo one sheet movie poster promo clive owen jason statham robert de niro hot rare promo

Killer Elite

Last Man Standing

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Breaking Dawn Part 1
Downton Abbey Season 2
Lady and the Tramp: Diamond Edition

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