The Top 30 Songs of 2010 with Brandon Flowers, Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue, and more as told by Mike the Fanboy Contributor Scott!

Brandon flowers sexy hot live in concert flamingo the killers rare in person signed autograph

Ah, another year ends and another list of best or worst songs emerges… I’m sure you’ve seen the top movies of the year, and now Mike The Fanboy contributor Scott has given us his top 30 songs of the year. Yep, I said 30! Lol… This guy doesn’t mess around. While I might not agree with all of Scott’s choices how can I argue with the man who has Goldfrapp and Kylie Minogue on his list! Check out the full article after the jump!

Scott’s Top 30 Singles of 2010
December 21, 2010

2010 was a great year for some artists. I can’t honestly say it was one of my favorite years for music in general, but there were some GREAT tracks. Some artists released some amazing bodies of work and found multiple spots on my top list of the year. Please check out these artists on their My Space, Facebook, or their own websites. Support them by going to a local music retailer. Keep music retailers open and your favorite artists creating the music by going and buying the music!

Giangi Cappai The kult of giangi cappai ego trip album cover sex dj hot

30. Giangi Cappai – Ego Trip – one of the few house tracks that stood out for me this
year. This track has a great energy.

Trentemoller – Even Though You’re with Another Girl promo poster photo rare

29. Trentemoller – Even Though You’re with Another Girl – This track was one I
found myself playing at night in the car. Great dark track.

Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues 2010 jimmy kimmel rare hard times and nursery rhymes cover art

28. Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues – Glad to have Social Distortion releasing
some new material in 2011. This single from the forthcoming album takes me back
to my high school days growing up in the OC.

goldfrapp sexy picture disc promo photo album art alive single

27. Goldfrapp – Alive – Goldfrapp gave us some new tracks with an 80’s vibe. This
track was a glittery feel good track that made me feel good to be out in the sun during
the summer.

Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No! single album cover artwork lilith fair live

26. Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No! – Marina was definitely one of my favorite
artists brought to my attention in 2010. This song was one of many that was on repeat
in my car. My favorite lyric of the year – “If you are not very careful, your
possessions will possess you.”

Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way  jake shears amoeba music rare live concert

25. Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way – This was a really fun track from the band that
had me singing and dancing in my car.

Residence Deejays feat. Frissco - Sexy Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix) album artwork sexy

24. Residence Deejays feat. Frissco – Sexy Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix) – I have
always loved my house music. This year was not a favorite for me in this genre, but
this track was one of those dark pulsing tracks that I love hearing in the club. It was
remixed by my favorite Grammy winning remixer, Peter Rauhofer.

M.I.A. – XXXO rare album single cover artwork scream awards crazy

23. M.I.A. – XXXO – This was a fun track from the always lyrically provocative M.I.A.
Not as exciting as Bucky Done Gun or Bamboo Banga, but still a great track.

The Gossip – Men In Love music for men album artwork cover cd rare

22. The Gossip – Men In Love – A great track from the band that really showcases Beth
Ditto’s strong soulful voice. I’m looking forward to Beth’ s solo EP due out in 2011.

Kelis – Acapella album art single cover artwork rare cd sexy single

21. Kelis – Acapella – This song was not an initial hit with me, but after hearing multiple
plays in clubs, and seeing her perform it live, the track won me over and became a
favorite of 2010.

Fran Healy feat. Neko Case – Sing Me to Sleep rare single cd album artwork

20. Fran Healy feat. Neko Case – Sing Me to Sleep – I was pleasantly surprised to have
the lead singer of Travis open for Brandon Flowers tour this Fall. I honestly would
not have thought of picking up his album, but hearing his songs live made me a fan.

Dragonette – Easy promo photo rare band photo sexy album art cover

19. Dragonette – Easy – This is a 2010 single from one of my favorite albums last year,
Fixin’ to Thrill. Martina’s voice is just awesome…and what a great live performer!

 Hole – Skinny Little Bitch Courtney Love nobody's daughter album artwork cover single

18. Hole – Skinny Little Bitch – In my book, Hole will never be Hole without Eric,
Melissa, and Patty / Samantha, but Courtney Love co-wrote an amazing hard rock

brandon flowers flamingo single album artwork cover the killers rare hot sexy las vegas

17. Brandon Flowers – Crossfire – Brandon’s debut single from his first solo effort was
exciting for this Killer’s fan. I loved it until I heard the whole album and found
myself loving other tracks more!

Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way  jake shears amoeba music rare live concert

16. Scissor Sisters – Fire with Fire – The moment I heard this track online, I was
hooked. Jake Shears voice was so rich and full, I played the track multiple times in a

Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta – Commander cd single album artwork rare

15. Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta – Commander – Like Kelis’ Acapella, this song
did not win me over until I heard it a few times in clubs. After a while, I could not
help move to it.

Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood single album artwork rare cover art

14. Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood – The song that turned me on to this
beautiful voice. She obsessed with the mess that’s America! She is awesome!

Sky Ferreira – One rare single album artwork

13. Sky Ferreira – One – I am looking forward to the debut album from this artist. All
the leaks and samples from the music blogs are all promising. She reminds me of
Fiona Apple, but has the voice and song writing talents of her own merit.

The Killers – Boots single album artwork cover brandon flowers

12. The Killers – Boots – The band releases their annual holiday track to raise money.
This holiday track is their best yet. They really know how to tell a story in their

Kylie Minogue – All the Lovers aphrodite album artwork cover rare cd

11. Kylie Minogue – All the Lovers – WOW! Was my first thought when I heard this
lead single from Kylie’s Aphrodite album. I was fortunate to watch the video being
shot in downtown Los Angeles. Hearing the hook time again, I knew it would be a
favorite of the year.

Katy Perry – Firework single cover art cd single rare super sexy hot

10. Katy Perry – Firework – I am not a fan of bubblegum pop, but Katy Perry won me
over with this track. It makes you feel good about being alive and finding pride within

Crystal Castles – Not In Love self titled cd album artwork best 2010 rare

9. Crystal Castles – Not In Love – I came across this band online, and I am hooked. I
hear and see influences in their music from so many people. Check them out on
Youtube and you will see what I mean. This track is just awesome and to have
Robert Smith from the Cure made it a gem.

Goldfrapp – Rocket cd single album artwork cd rare alison picture disc

8. Goldfrapp – Rocket – 80’s bliss with a twist that only Goldfrapp can create. Add
Alison’s beautiful vocals, and it is a top 10 for my 2010. Ohhh, I got a rocket!

Lady Gaga – Telephone beyonce rare cd single album artwork picture disc

7. Lady Gaga – Telephone – I was a fan of the song when the Fame Monster was
released. The video was epic. I find a lot of talent in Lady Gaga, but I do find myself
getting tired of her from time to time. She is overexposed, and her talents are getting
lost in the media hype. Focus on her voice and music.

Madonna rare animal promo photo cd single unreleased hot sexy

6. Madonna – Animal – OK, I know this was not a single. It was an unreleased track
posted on the internet this year, but WOW, WOW, and WOW! Madonna, why
wasn’t this released on your last album. I think this could have been a hit. “If you
want, I’ll treat you like an animal…”

The-Kids-Are-All-Right- movie Poster Uh Huh Her – Sam High

5. Uh Huh Her – Sam High – I heard this song for the first time when I saw The Kids
Are Alright. I left the movie and drove right home to Google who sang the song.
I am still on a high with this song. It is infectious.

scissor_sisters_invisible_light night work album artwork rare cd

4. Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light – WOW! This song was written with me in mind in
what I love in a track both inside and out of a club. The chorus stays in your head and
the music pulsates. Jake’s voice is great, and the group left their disco, funk sound
for something a little edgier. Gandalf makes a special vocal appearance too.

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young cd single album artwork single sexy hot

3. Brandon Flowers – Only The Young – This track was so amazing. When I first
heard I heard a sad song about regret, but the more I listened, I feel that he is offering
advice to always look for the possible change in life and make it work for you.
Brandon’s album is brilliant.

Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way cd single album artwork rare picture disc

2. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way – From the first phrase, I was hooked. I love
the music and the lyrics. The song is one of those songs that makes you want to sing
and connects the listener with the idea that people should cherish one another in
relationship. If not, one of the parties may go find another who will appreciate them.

marina_and_the_diamonds_shampain cd single album artwork rare

1. Marina and the Diamonds – Shampain – The number one spot was a tough choice
as I could not decide between Brandon, Kylie, and Marina. I decided upon Marina as
her album struck me early in the year, and maintained longevity with me. I can get
hooked on an album, but many times I will take it out of my player after a number of
listens. Not so with Marina, and especially this track. The lyrics and synth sounds of
the music evoke emotion from the listener. Marina’s lush vocals are so rich and
distinct. I wish mainstream America would find allure in an artist like this instead
of less than desirable talent like Ke$ha. I do not understand how people find pop
artists like her talented or vocally memorable.

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