TTM Tues! Jeremy’s Top 10 Best and Worst Celebrities Who Respond To Fanmail! Jane Fonda! Martin Sheen! And More!

Welcome to the 2020 best and worst TTM signers. Did any of your favorite (or least favorites) make the list?
The celebrities listed are in no particular order, and this list is based on 2020 TTM results. Drumroll please….


10. Olivia Newton John: Although she’s not “Greased lighting” fast about it, photos do seem to come back signed.

9. Martin Sheen: A true class act. Sheen is known to not only great about signing, but he will also sometimes include a hand-written note.

8. Carol Burnett: She is always so kind and gracious with her fans.

7. Louise Fletcher: Nothing “Ratched” about her.. she’s excellent, and so good about signing.

6. Jane Fonda: She’s picky about signing just one per fan, and likes personalizing, but this legend is a class act all the way with fanmail.

5. Lily Tomlin: She’s a comedy powerhouse and a TTM powerhouse. Plus- her handwriting is beautiful!

4. Reba McEntire: Country signing legend and SO good to her fans!

3. Julie Walters: A brilliant actress who is great about sending autographs!

2. Henry Winkler: Always classy to his fans and great about autographs.

1. Michael Caine: Although I never got my autograph back (boo), he has been consistently good about autographs. Some people claim he might use a secretary to sign sometimes…


10. Catherine O’Hara: I am sad to put her here because I am one of her biggest fans. Her TTM autographs are sparce and 100% not signed by her (in my opinion).

9. Jamie Lee Curtis: It just never happens. Ever.

8. Shirley MacLaine: Has a secretary sign everything. Allegedly.

7. Chevy Chase: Autopen on everything. Allegedly.

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt: Nope. Never. He apparently dislikes fans…

5. Al Pacino. Sometimes good about signing in person. TTM? Forget it.

4. Sarah Paulson. Such a great actress. Not so good about signing.

3. Jessica Lange. Another brilliant actress who just does not sign.

2. Tom Hanks. Allegedly a not-so-nice guy. He also doesn’t sign.

1. Natalie Portman. I’ve heard she’s difficult to get in person as well.

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