Are you feeling lucky? The Top 10 Films Too Watch For St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you feeling lucky?


It’s March and every March I love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. For me personally, it’s a mixed holiday, my father passed away on St. Patrick’s Day and instead of looking it as a sad day, I try and use it to remember him and all the blessing we have in life.


While this year there probably won’t be a party with friends, I wanted to share some awesome movies you can watch to get yourself in the mood to roll the dice and get lucky.


So let’s get started!


  1. LeprechaunCheck out Jack’s awesome Cult Classic Corner for a wide introspection into this cult classic… No pun intended. Starring Warwick Davis, this is the quintessential horror comedy there’s some fun and a few thrills as well. Check out Leprechaun in space if you really want to go down the rabbit hole.

warwick davis signed autograph leprechaun poster psa

  1. Darby O’Gill and the Little People– They’re little! They’re full of joy and fun. I feel like Darby being so damn tall all the time. In this Walt Disney classic a cranky older guy matches wits with the king of the leprechaun’s! What could be more Irish than that! It’s exactly how I feel going to Costco sometimes. A cranky giant trudging along in the land of short people. LOL.


  1. The Commitments– The story of the world’s hardest working pub band mixes soul music and the working class people of Dublin Ireland. An instant classic! This is the film that captured a moment in time for so many kids growing up I the 90’s. The angst, rebellion and determination.


  1. Once – Another Irish film set in the world of pubs and music. This time a busker and an immigrant team up for an eventful week in Dublin writing, singing and recording songs. So good they made a Broadway musical out if it!


  1. Waking Ned Devine– This delightful little comedy follows Ned Devine who passed away one day. The thing is, Ned won the lottery the following morning. His entire village persuades one man to pose as Ned Devine so that the town can collect the cash and save the village.


  1. The Brother’s McMullen– The best movie Edward Burns has ever directed. Hands down. Following four brothers in their slice of life indie dramady, they drink, they fight and drink some more. Plus, it has an awesome song by Sarah McLachlan. Who incidentally, is one of the nicest people around. Check out one of my recaps after meeting her here!


  1. Far and Away– The Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman period drama about Irish-American immigrants deserves a second look on DVD. The cinematography alone is stunning and to be honest even though watching it now there are some cheesy moments, it’s a fun movie and Nicole Kidman is great in it. It’s like one of those unsung films people forget about.


  1. The Matchmaker– Never heard of it? Say wha? This little seen 1990s rom com stars Janeane Garofalo as a woman who heads to a small Irish town to stump for votes for a senator. A well dressed American woman, she gets the town riled up arriving right in the middle of the annual matchmaking festival. It’s a light fluffy comedy but worth a look and she gets one of thee biggest jackpots at the end!

the matchmaker rare promo one sheet movie poster promo Janeane Garofalo

  1. The Devil’s Own– Brad Pitt teams up with Harrison Ford for this Irish thriller in Northern Ireland. It’s not the best movie in the world but it’s a good movie for those who don’t want their green beer buzz spoiled by too much history. Plus, it features the cranberries on the soundtrack! Come on that counts for something right!


  1. Sing Street – This wonderful movie zipped in and out of theaters but it’s so good. An underdog coming of age musical that takes place in 1980s Ireland. Such a sweet and adorable film.


  1. Brooklyn – Saoirse Ronan is a treasure. I love her work so much and Brooklyn is a great film, she was nominated for an Oscar for this movie. It’s the 50s and Saoirse Ronan has to decide if she wants to stay in Brooklyn or go back to her old life back home.


  1. In The Name of the Father – Whenever Daniel Day Lewis stars in a film you know it’s going to something special. This movie is about Gerry Conlon who was wrongly accused of doing a bombing for the IRA and spent 15 years in prison for it. It’s a stunning film.
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