Prepare For Nov! The Top Books to Read to Understand Global Politics! And More!



We are living in a globalized world where the decisions taken in one corner of the world affect the other part of the world. With the development of international organizations, transnational organizations, and multinational organizations, the need to understand global politics that shapes up economic policies and the ways by which countries conduct relations with the other has grown significantly. Politics has shaped up world history and it is an inevitable factor in today’s times.


List of best books on global politics 


This is a not so exhaustive list of books on global politics. Anyone interested in understanding the intricacies that shape up global politics must read these books. Along with these books, you can order vapes stuff from smokingthings if you want to enjoy some light time while reading.

There are several theories devised on international politics namely realism, liberalism, neo-realism, and anarchism. Anarchy is a state of disorder and lawlessness. One can associate theorists with the theories. For instance, Joseph Nye for neo-liberalism, Thomas Hobbes for Realism, in the same way, Hedley Bull for Anarchism. Based on these theories, governmental structures and foreign policy are defined. One cannot live in an anarchical world as it leads to chaos. This book throws light on how anarchy is an in-built feature and how the order is being imposed on this anarchical world to maintain peace and security.



Events that took place in the years preceding World War 1 in Europe is what set the stage for global politics. For one to understand how today’s America is formed as a global superpower, it is necessary to know what happened in Europe that led to the historical milestones of the USA. This book is a collection of essays on the period 1890-1914. One can get to know the setting in Europe post the Unification of Germany and Italy.


  • The Quiet American by Graham Greene 


The Quiet American by Graham Greene is one of the best books penned on how even a superpower like the USA can face defeat at the hands of a small country in the Southeast part of Asia, Vietnam. Despite showing its might with its excellent armed forces, the USA wasn’t able to curb the brilliance exhibited by the Guerrilla forces.


y Years in the State Department 

Secretary of State Department is one of the most powerful posts in the USA after the President. Dean Acheson served as the Secretary of State to President Harry S Truman. Once the trio Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D Roosevelt defeated Germany and established their supremacy, the cold war started brewing between FDR and Joseph Stalin. Post the death of FDR, the reigns were taken by Harry S Truman who made major strategies to imprint USA’s football in global politics. All the work done under that regime is listed down in this book which doesn’t seem like justification but a mere acceptance of reality.


When it comes to understanding global politics, the major countries that top the list are Europe and America. There goes a famous saying, The Sun never sets on the British Empire. These countries set the stage for global happenings.


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