Trapped At Home? The Top Things to Watch on TV Over the Next Few Months!

You might have found yourself with some extra time on your hands over the next few weeks and months, so to stop the boredom setting in, there are plenty of things on TV to sink your teeth into. If you’re a film buff, the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime might become your friend. Plus, there are tons of options for top Sky and cable channels to get obsessed with.


So if you’re looking for programs to get stuck into this spring, check out some of the top choices below:


watching netflix

This subscription service has become a household must-have for many people, and it’s not hard to see why. If you spend hours binge-watching popular seasons and love hunkering down with a good film, then this is one of the best options. There are tons of TV series and movies coming out over the next few months, and it’s a great time to start checking out the latest listings to make a watch list so that you don’t miss anything.

Amazon Prime

Another ideal subscription service is Amazon Prime. Much like Netflix, you’ll have access to plenty of films and TV series to keep you obsessed for hours. Of course, you’ll find some shows you won’t find on Netflix and vice-versa, so having both options gives you the most choice. The beauty of Amazon is that you also have access to music and free delivery. That way, you can stock up on supplies while you chill out to the best box sets.

Top Sports


Although the sporting calendar has been disrupted in recent weeks, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch reruns of top sports on popular channels. In football, there have been talks that may see matches being played behind closed doors. So there’s still a possibility that you could check out the latest Premier league odds to win title. The Olympics is still set to go ahead as planned, and this could provide some fantastic sporting achievements for everyone taking part.

Documentaries and Docufilms


We all love getting stuck into a documentary, and there are always great options available to watch. Popular places to find these programs include the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. HBO and The Documentary Channel also have a range of options depending on your tastes. There are so many great programs to watch and these channels often have reality series such as American Chopper, Deadliest Catch, and American Pickers showing on a regular basis.



If you get bored with films and box sets, why not turn to YouTube for something different? You can catch up with the latest influencers and mini-series on there. Plus, there are tons of options such as cooking tutorials, at-home workouts, and how-to videos to try something new in your free time. Don’t forget all those comical videos to share with friends to spread some laughter, and you could even download TikTok and record your own short videos to share with everyone.


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