TTM… Er… Wednesday! Spotting An Autopen Autograph! Plus Successes From The Stars Of Wayne’s World! Peter Pan! And More!

Hey autograph collectors! If you write to a lot of celebrities, there is a good chance you’ve received one of the most common (and irritating) signing methods.. the autopen! Here’s how it works: An autopen is a machine that copies a person’s signature and then reproduces it over and over again exactly the same. Most US President’s use it, as do a TON of celebs… Chevy Chase, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Pratt, and so many others have sent out signatures that are autopen.

Some celebrities have multiple autopen plates which can make it hard to tell if the autograph is authentic or not. Basically, your photo is put under the autopen and sent back to you. So, while it is technically the celebs autograph- it has not been hand signed by the celeb.

So- how can you tell if your autograph has been signed by the autopen? The telltale sign is to look at the signature- each letter has a dot and the beginning and end (where the pen started and stopped). I also research to see if a celeb is a known autopen signer.. In the case of Jack Nicholson, All I had to do was look at pictures others had posted when they got a response from him.. it’s literally the same signature.

Ready to try some non autopen signers? Good- because this week some of your favorites have been signing up a storm. But first…

A couple former signers have stopped signing ttm. UGH!

Bob Gale and Lesley Ann Warren are no longer signing and have begun charging for their autograph through conventions or private signing agencies.

And now for the good:

Jay Leno
P.O. Box 7885
Burbank, CA 91510

Jennifer Lawrence
c/o Jennifer Lawrence Foundation
291 North Hubbards Lane
Suite 172, Box 315
Louisville, KY 40207

*Her autographs might be secretarial*

Imelda Staunton
Artists Rights Group Ltd (ARG)
4A Exmoor Street
W10 6BD
United Kingdom

Geraldine Chaplin
Rue Centrale 33
1804 Corsier-Sur-Vevey

Margaret Kerry
Margaret Kerry Willcox
6672 41st Street Cir E
Sarasota, FL 34243-7929

Tia Carrerre
5627 Kanan Rd
Agoura Hills, CA 91301-3358

19620 Wells Dr.
Tarzana CA. 91356

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