TTM Tues! Successes From Ronda Rousey! Simon Pegg! Plus The Stars Of Groundhog Day! Hawaii Five-O! Key and Peele! And More!

What’s up TTM Nation! TTM Troy here with another Tuesday article here on Mike the Fanboy! It’s my birthday today so I am celebrating by writing my favorite weekly article on addresses!  As always, here is a list of some top prospect TTM signers, gleaned from successes posted throughout the Internet!

This actor had a big movie about a small cat last year and has also been seen in Angie Tribeca, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation and of course Key and Peele. Mr. Keegan Michael Key! You can write to him via his play until September 2017!

Keegan Michael Key
℅ “Hamlet”
Public’s Newman Theater
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

This celebrity appeared as a bartender on the original Love Boat and also appeared on Roseanne, The Larry Sanders Show (as himself), Diagnosis Murder and as himself on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Mr. Norm Crosby!

Charles Rapp Enterprises, Inc.
55 Broad Street, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10004

I first knew this actor backed in the 90s when he was repped by a friend of mine, kind of lost track of him. Recently he has appeared in Agents of SHIELD, Hawaii Five-O, and as The Chairman on several Iron Chef series. Mr. Maark Dacascos!

Mark Dacascos
℅ Global Artists Agency
6253 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 508
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Mark Dacascos naked shirtless rare

This actor only has a handful of credits, but anybody who grew up in the 70s (and they are still fun movies today) know him from his three roles in the original Bad News Bears films as Toby.  He is now a pastor at a small church in Connecticut – Mr. David Stambaugh!

David Stambaugh
℅ Green Farms Church
71 Hillandale Rd
Westport, CT 06880

I haven’t featured an astronaut in the article for a few months so I wanted to definitely get one in this week! He was a member of STS-51-J, the maiden flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and also few on three more missions from 1090-1993.  He spent a total of 26 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes in space on his flights.  Colonel Ronald Grabe!

Robert Grabe
2653 E Scorpio Pl
Chandler, AZ 85249-5257

A musical based on the film Groundhog Day has been doing very well! It stars Andy Karl from Law & Order SVU (he played Mike Dodds in several episodes) as well as Rita Hanson, Rebecca Faulkeberry and John Sanders. Write to them via the August Wilson Theatre at least until January 2018!

℅ Groundhog Day
August Wilson Theatre
245 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019

I have seen a flood of returns from this athlete this week from my friends and fellow TTM’ers. On TV she appeared in an episode of Blindspot as well as Saturday Night Live, not to mention her tenure for WWE. More recently she made a return to UFC in December 2016 but lost the match in 48 seconds to Amanda Nunes. Ms. Ronda Rosey!

Ronda Rousey
℅ Glendale Fighting Club
601 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204-1707

Ronda Rousey signing autograph jimmy kimmel live 2015 1

I did a little research on this next address because whenever a celebrity returns 4×6 photos of their own, and returns your photos unused, chances are they are pre-prints. However, this celebrity appears to be sending back pre-signed photos that are authentic. Each one is slightly different. There is still the chance they are secretarial, but worth a shot in my opinion.  Since this description is long already, I will just mention the new Star Trek films. Mr. Simon Pegg!

Simon Pegg
P.O. Box 17449
Memphis, TN 38187-0449

simon pegg liam neeson fan photo selfie

That’s it for this week, TTM Nation – may all your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever!

TTM Troy

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