TTM Bonus! Harrison Barnes Is Signing For Fans With Free Autograph Policy!

Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors has announced on his Facebook that he is setting up an autograph policy that will allow all his fans to get an autograph!

This story is catching fire all over! I think its awesome that people are learning about the TTM hobby without knowing the name for it!

Harrison Barnes PO Box

I know many people need Barnes for card sets, so this is your opportunity. I think its really interesting how it will play out… Barnes is asking for several requirements for the autograph but it seems like they are fairly reasonable. It’s awesome when a celebrity, especially a basketball player, takes care of their fans!

As Barne’s Facebook states:

Surprise! Autographs anyone?

Since I get so many requests for autographs I bought a P.O. Box for all of you to send items for me to sign during the off season. There are rules to this and there are no exceptions. 

1. You must enclose a signed handwritten letter stating why you want the item signed. Sincerity is a must here.

2. You must enclose a picture of you with the item. 

3. You must enclose return envelope and postage. 

4. One item per person please. 

5. This is at your own risk so if it gets lost in the mail or what not I will not be held responsible. Also, I reserve the right to not sign an item if I choose not to for any reason. 

6. Keep in mind I will be signing when my schedule permits. My time is limited because of daily workouts, appearances, travel, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and video games. Items will be sent back as soon as possible. So please be patient with me. I only have it for 3 months so keep that in mind. 

I’m really excited to be able to sign for everyone who’s ever asked me for an autograph. I appreciate all the messages and replies I get on social media. This is my thank you to all of you and a token of my appreciation for not only supporting me as a player but as a person as well. 

The address for the P.O. Box is 

Harrison Barnes 
P.O. Box 72530
Oakland, CA 94612

Again thanks, to all of you for being the best e-friends around.

I wanna know all your thoughts fanboys and fangirls! Comment away!


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