TTM Tues! Successes From The Stars Of Desperate Housewives! American Horror Story! Buffy The Vampire Slayer! And More!

Cast signed photos ttm.. Ever had any luck? I just got back Robert Englund who signed my “Nightmare on Elm Street 3” press photo that was previously signed ttm by Heather Langenkamp. Previous to that I got Leslie Mann to sign a mini poster that had been signed by her husband Judd Apatow. I am hesitant to send a photo that’s already been signed by others, but having a completed cast photo is amazing if you can get it done. What luck have you had? Comment below.

In the meantime, get out of those pens because this week the stars are aligned for:

Joan Collins
c/o Yakety Yak (Voice Overs)
3rd Floor, 25 D’Arblay Street
London, W1F 8EJ
United Kingdom

Dana Delany
3435 Ocean Park Blvd. #112-N
Santa Monica, CA 90405-3301

Dana Delany signed autograph promo photo

2707 Benedict Canyon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-1024

Linda Harrison
10370 Ashton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.90024-5365

Seth Green
United Talent Agency
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

seth green signed autograph moore werewolf oz buffy the vampire slayer signed

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